5 Top Kapalbhati Yoga Benefits

Yoga is not only a physical activity but improves the mental well-being as well. Kapalbhati Yoga benefits is an indicator of the wholesome benefits arising from Yoga.

In recent years, Yoga has caught popular imagination like a storm. Yoga Schools have opened in many parts of the world educating on this Ancient Indian Practice. It should be interesting for Yoga Enthusiasts to know that practices of Yoga were documented in a book by the Ancient Indian Sage Patanjali more than two millenniums ago!

In today’s world, we can visualize Yoga as a physical activity with difficult body twisting poses. However, these practices have been designed to impart physical, mental as well as spiritual wellness. Yoga is a way of life instead of mere physical exercise.

Due to the physical and mental well-being, you move towards living a stress-free life. You tend to think positive about life and start thinking about the various virtues of life. Your attitude towards your fellow-beings changes and you consciously become more aware about your surrounding. Yoga, therefore has a holistic effect on you and we move towards a better society by following Yoga.

What is Kapalbhati and it’s Benefits?

Kapalbhati is a Breathing Exercise recommended in Yoga. It is performed in sitting position where air is forcefully expelled several times in a minute.What is kapalbhati and its benefits

The forceful expulsion removes toxins from the body and sets the gastric juices in motion. The movement of navel ensures pulling of several muscles attached to the urinary tract and abdomen.

Pure air has a positive effect on the mind and several diseases related to mental functions are cured. Kapalbhati also cures insomnia.

How Many Rounds of Kapalbhati Should be Done?

The upper limit for continuously performing Kapalbhati is 20 minutes. Though reaching their level calls for several months of practice.

Beginners must start with minimum 60 rounds per minute for 2-3 minutes. Gradually increase it to 10 minutes. Once consistent, increase the cycle to 120 per minute.

Kapalbhati is a strenuous exercise and increase the cycles and timings only in steps.

The heat generated while performing Kapalbhati is sufficient to keep you warm on a cool morning. However, be careful to protect yourself from sudden cooling down.

How Many Times Kapalbhati Can be Done in a Day

It is important to note that Kapalbhati must be done on empty stomach. There must have been at least four hours of Fasting before performing this exercise. There is no restriction as to the number of times Kapalbhati cab be done in a day but the best recommendations is twice- morning and at night.

Beginners can start with Kapalbhati once a day and then when they are consistent for about three months, increase it to twice a day. However, doing it once a day properly will bring all benefits desired.

What Happens When We Do Kapalbhati Daily?

Daily practice of Kapalbhati improves the kidney and lungs function. Besides, it detoxifies the body, improves memory, cures insomnia and thyroid function.whar happens when you do kapalbhati daily

Digestive System is strengthened by regular practice of Kapalbhati. This is one of the most prominent Kapalbhati Yoga benefits. Gastric juices in the stomach have the function of digesting food. It loses its energy if left stagnant. Kapalbhati sets it in motion and strengthens it.

Whoever practices Kapalbhati for a year, can digest anything. Digestion is improved by the setting in motion of the gastric juices besides actively eliminating gas. It is a great cure for people suffering from acidity. This Yoga is a recommended cure for people suffering from Vata Dosha. To read more about Vata Dosha, read my earlier article by clicking here.

Other Health Benefits of Kapalbhati

Effective elimination of gas also means less body pain. Remember that according to Ayurveda, most body pain is caused by gas reaching out body parts. Overall, the effects of Kapalbhati on strengthening the digestive system is well-known.

Thyroid Control is one major benefit from performing Kapalbhati regularly. The performance affects the pituitary gland and helps in secreting hormones in the right quantity. Therefore, this Yoga is a must for growing children and teenagers. It will give your body the right proportions as per your genetic build.

Women often suffer from hormonal imbalance during and post-pregnancy. Though this Yoga is not recommended the period preceding or post-pregnancy, it can give long term benefits over a period. People suffering from hyperthyroidism must take up this Yoga on a regular basis and notice the change themselves.

Sexual Well-Being is another benefit arising out of Kapalbhati. The blood flood is stimulated to the urinary tract and benefits both men and women. Kapalbhati is recommended to enhance sperm count, strengthen ovaries besides a prevention for piles or fissures in rectum.

Kapal means Skull in Sanskrit while Bhati means to provide motion. Thereby, the meaning of Kapalbhati is putting brain to motion. As the name goes, mental Well-Being is enhanced by performing Kapalbhati.

This Yoga is designed to clear the nano-toxins from your body. These nano-toxins are the root of many lifestyle diseases. In simpler terms, this practice is designed to have a natural anti-oxidant action.

Kapalbhati has numerous benefits on health and wellness. This has been established in centuries old traditions. So, be inspired and try it for a month for yourself.

What are the Side Effects of Kapalbhati?

Side Effects of Kapalbhati can only come if not stepped up gradually. Sudden step up may lead to breathlessness. It must be avoided by menstruating women and people due for surgery.

Kapalbhati if practiced properly will have no side effects. Rather, the benefits are immense.

What is the Best Time to do Kapalbhati?

Mornings are the best time to perform Kapalbhati. It has to be practiced on empty stomach and there is no better time than mornings to do it. Mornings also has the freshest air which is an added advantage.What is the Best Time to do Kapalbhati

Some of my recommendations for simple morning exercises are here. Do read them for a fresh start of the day.


Kapalbhati is a Yoga or a Breathing Exercise with numerous benefits including,

– Improving Digestion

– Strengthening Kidney Function

– Improving Thyroid Function

– Improving Sexual Organ’s Functioning

– Mental Wellness and Sleep

Kapalbhati must be stepped up gradually in the number of cycles and the duration. The maximum recommended cycle is 120 per minute and 20 minutes.

Do take the first steps today to start Kapalbhati and reap its benefits in the long run. Watch this video for a step by step guide of how to do Kapalbhati.

Please leave you experience with Kapalbhati in the comment box below. It would be a great encouragement for me to hear from you benefit from my articles.

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