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Welcome to Wellness Millennial. This is blog-site for building a community of wellness enthusiasts and spread wellness in the new millennium.


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Wellness was not on my mind while building up my corporate career for more than twenty years. Corporate targets were to be achieved without setting the limitations on time. Leading life was entirely handed over to achieving targets. I had no control over what I ate, how I rested or any discipline to lead a balanced life. This continued through my corporate career into the business I set later trying to have more time for myself.

An evening changed my life. I received a phone call declaring that one of my close friend, an ex-colleague, collapsed in office and passed away. The immediate reason being a massive cardiac arrest.

It  made me think along with several others about life. What is this life all about. God has provided us such a nicely engineering body but we are too carelessly maintaining it. That made me to decode what wrong am I doing in leading a life full of wellness.



Many of the people out there would be my friend, sometime relatives of acquaintances.  Or soon they will be. I do not want to see them suffer the same way as I described above. I take as my mission to spread the Wellness word.


THE GOAL OF Wellness Millennial

The purpose of this website is to educate millennial besides everyone else the concepts of Wellness using natural ways, turning them into Wellness Evangelists themselves. Let us create a Wellness Society – Healthy and Stress-Free A Life of Wellness

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the Best,

Rohit Kumar

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