Alkaline drinking water benefits

Alkaline drinking water benefits is one the most talked about topic in wellness domain. Is it a new discovery about which people are talking about? Is it for real?

Undoubtedly drinking water is important as it keeps the body hydrated as well as feeds micronutrients. This is a well-known fact. However, let us discuss on what is alkaline water in this article.

What is alkaline drinking water

Acidity or alkalinity of any substance is measured in terms of Ph, the scale being from 1 to 14. Acidic substances have a Ph below 7 and alkaline substances have Ph above 7. Neutral substances have a Ph of 7.

Distilled water has a Ph of 7 and is neutral. However, it does not contain any micro-nutrients as well. Hence, we never drink distilled water. Remember, our choice for drinking water is always mineral water! Drinking water has a Ph in a range typically from 5.5 to 8.5. It can vary beyond this range due to local conditions of soil, flora and fauna.

Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen and hence neutral in pure state. Manufacturers of alkaline drinking water add nutrients to increase the Ph value. Also, there are devices available in market which increases the alkalinity of drinking water.

Alkaline drinking water is therefore enriched with micro-nutrients or using a special device to change the chemical make-up of water. The idea is to enhance the Ph value over and above normal tap water.

Health Benefits

In my earlier post, we touched the subject of strong acids in our guts. They are present there to break-down complex nutrients which we intake as food. Problem arises when these acids are not fully utilized for its purpose -i.e. for breaking down food substances. One could easily experience acidity due to indigestion caused due to several factors – incorrect food combination, stress, indiscipline in food intake to name a few. We can experience this acidity with discomfort in our stomach and acidic substance running till our mouth. Besides, this un-utilized acid flows in the blood causing health problems everywhere.

This acid flow in blood over a long time is considered to be the root cause of many health problems. Since alkali reacts with acids to neutralize it, the health benefits derived by alkaline drinking water is obvious. Since Ph is measured on a logarithmic scale, a small change in Ph has a large effect on alkalinity.

Listing the health benefits as follows:

  1. Weight Loss – Weight gain is a reflection of accumulated fat caused due to slow metabolism. If the gastric acid is fully utilized then the metabolism is high. Similarly, maintain Ph level in blood ensures high metabolism. A high metabolism has a detoxing effect leaving us with glowing skin and strong bones.
  2. Good Digestion – Alkaline drinking water ensures that the gastric juices are optimally utilized. This ensures good digestion. A good digestion means that our body parts are properly fed and we are left energetic throughout the day.

Natural solutions to alkaline drinking waterAloe Vera

Rarely do we find food items with a Ph value more than 7. Yes, this was an eye-opener for me too! However, the metabolism in our body turns them alkaline.

A few of them are easily found in our household. The most popular of them is banana and lemon. Think why banana is recommended when you are suffering from continued acidity. Sportsperson like Boris Becker has been a key advocate of banana. It leaves you hydrated and full of energy. It is a quick cure to beat exhaustion.

Similarly, lemon has a number of effects. It is recommended to have water with lemon on empty stomach. This improves your digestion and helps in losing weight.

One common herb in India is Aloe Vera. It is grown in almost every household in India besides the Sacred Basil or Tulsi. Aloe Vera juice is a natural alkaline drink and effects in the same way as alkaline drinking water.

Alkalinity in Food Tract

The most naturally occurring alkaline drink is our saliva itself! Another eye-opener for me. Saliva maintains the Ph of our oral cavity to near neutral!

The acidity from drinks and foods, besides bacterial activities is neutralized by saliva.

To best use this naturally and freely-occurring alkaline health drink is to drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up by sipping water. Water should take the accumulated saliva along with it in the oral cavity.


Now that you are educated about what is alkaline drinking water, it is time to take action. The first action is to be conscious about it and try observing yourself when you suffer from acidity. Then you can try a few methods listed above to see for yourself whether they have an effect in reducing acidity and energizing you.

Do leave your comments in the comment box sharing your experience on any action taken on this subject.

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