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Getting calls in-between business hours is sure to put your mood off. And that too if the other end is someone trying to push a sale through. However, when it the call is regarding an insurance – you still pay attention. There are millions of dollars lost in healthcare each day. Lifestyle Diseases are everywhere and healthcare costs have skyrocketed. It is time to implement all natural health remedies which are inexpensive and have a long-lasting effect.

Healthcare is a vicious cycle. You are engulfed in it due to the lifestyle you lead- a life convenient to you to begin with. However, it starts taking its toll quite quickly. At this stage, it becomes extremely difficult to leave you convenient lifestyle behind you and make a new beginning.

In case, you are determined to make a new beginning today, read on. Else, this article can only stoke your academic interest but will be of no value. Actions takers will bene

fit most, and start leading a life full of wellness.

Morning Hours are Godly HoursMorning

Morning hours before sunrise are said be the hours of God. The serenity you observe lets you connect to yourself. You have all the time to reflect back and imagine a life full of wellness. All natural health remedies recommends to start life each day early in the morning.

The first advantage you have at this hour is that your are left to yourself. One can observe nature at its fullest at these hours. The natural aroma of the surroundings is at peak at these hours. The chirping of birds is so sonorous which is drowned in the hustles of traffic at other times of the day. This is the best time to meditate. A conscious meditation or a walk in woods ensures to bring back life to normal at these hours.

Imagination is at best during early morning hours. This is the time when your creative juices are oozing out. Great artists utilize this hour to hone their skills. For everyone else, this hour can be utilized to imagine a life full of wellness – training your sub-conscious mind to focus on health and fitness. Defining goals is

best achieved when you are focused. And this early hours in the morning is the best time to focus on what is good for you in life.

Keep Your Body FlexibleStretching Exercises

The root of bad health is the loss of flexibility in your muscles and bones. This comes with lack of proper physical activity as well as age. One can feel the stiffness in muscles and bones as you age. All natural health remedies come handy to keep your muscles and bones intact.

Anytime Body Stretching exercises are great natural means to maintain flexibility. Leg stretching exercise like Butterfly helps to maintain the flexibility of thigh muscles and the back muscles. It is great even for sportsmen who feel their muscles stiffen at the end of a day of workout. The Japanese sitting pose is another anytime body stretching exercise which can be practiced anywhere and anytime. Although simple in pose, this exercise stretches the thigh, calf and back muscles to provide relief after a day’s work.

The whole body stretch like Suryanamaskar helps affects maximum muscles in our body. Practicing it everyday keeps your muscles flexible and thereby fills you with vigor. It is a 12-step exercise done in cycles and achieving 20 cycles is sufficient to keep muscles and joints flexible.

Follow Your Body’s CallsKoala Sleeping

Following your body’s call for sleep, passing bowel, urine or gas works wonders for keeping your health and well-being. The key is not to fight this urge and fulfill the body’s need as soon as possible.

Sleep is an indication that your body needs rest. The drowsiness you feel after heavy meal comes from the fact that your brains need more oxygen. The guts have drawn oxygen from all over the body including the brain to digest food. This is the time to make your body rest. A short nap at this time helps the guts to do what it is doing- i.e. digesting food. Denying rest to the body will impede its digestive capacity which will eventually reflect in poor health.

Similarly, the urge to pass bowel, urine or gas must never be withheld for a long time. Yes, we are civilized people and need to control it at times. But find a nearby place as soon as the body signals. Holding excreta for a long time has severe health effects like kidney stone.

Our Body is an unparalleled natural machine. It is unmatched in auto-signalling even with most advanced technological innovations in this filed. Hence, think it this way. The signals are real and needs to be dealt with. Not paying heed to it may cause fatal damage to our bodies.

To Drink or Not to Drink(Water)Drinking Water

Water is a key ingredient of our body and highly indispensable. Keeping a discipline in drinking water helps greatly to enhance your wellness. However, it is imperative to note when to drink water and when not to drink.

Drinking three glassfuls of water first thing after leaving bed is the best thing you could do to your health. This recommendation is one of the key pillars in Ayurveda Remedies. Drinking water at this hour balances the gas, acids and cough in your body. As per Ayurveda, any dis balance in these three body elements is the root cause of any disease.

As is drinking water important, not drinking water after meals or over fruits is equally important. Drinking water over meals disturbs the natural acidity of gastric juices and impedes digestion. Similarly, drinking water after having fruits causes acidity in stomach. These are some avoidable food combinations and if followed consciously, helps to keep you healthy.


Stay Well Stay Fit. This is the motto when we discuss what are the natural remedies available to us. All of them can be practiced without spending a penny but not without determination to improve health and wellness.

Don’t be intimidated by the cost of poor health as you now have learned some natural remedies which will not let you into such expenses. However, the cost of not changing your lifestyle will leave a huge dent in your pocket.

I strongly recommend to start practicing today itself and lead a life of wellness.

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