Best Bed Time Exercises for Wellness

Dinner is recommended being the lightest meal. Many of the world’s culture recommend having dinner at Sunset. However, due to our commitments to daily schedule we are not able to maintain this discipline. Best bed time exercises for wellness makes our stomach light for a good night’s sleep.

Our Body Cycle is naturally suited with movements of the Sun. The acid in our stomach working at its peak when Sun is at the peak and slower at night. Our digestion cycle works optimally if we adjust our food intake accordingly. Naturally, it is expected to keep our stomach light while we sleep at night.

Nature has designed our body to rest during nighttime. This is the time which is utilized to repair the damages done to our body during the day. Its like a scheduled maintenance of our body. In case not done, our body might break-down and become a creator of diseases. Hence, please listen to your body and allow this time of rest which it fully deserves.

The exercises recommended here aid quick digestion helping to lighten your stomach. A light stomach ensures that the body is focused on repair and not disturbed by the complications of digestion at this hour.

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Vajrasana is a Sanskrit word which means “Pose of the Thunderbolt”. This pose is considered having such powerful effect like a thunderbolt on the digestive system. Similarity is drawn to the Japanese sitting pose and the pose in which Muslims offer their daily prayer. Given its simplicity, Vajrasan is one of the best bed time exercise for wellness.

This simple anytime exercise is recommended being practiced anytime and specially after dinner. This pose has a great effect on digestion and is supposed to support the digestive power of our intestines. It replaces miles walking if practiced even for a few minutes. The sitting pose is one of the few exercises recommended being done immediately after eating heavy meal. Don’t drink water after a heavy meal but sit in this position. Sitting in this position relieves one with extra gas in the stomach and accelerates digestion.

Vajrasana is practiced with legs folded and buttocks resting over the ankles just like depicted in the photograph here. The back should be held straight when sitting in this pose. The thigh muscles and calf muscles is massaged properly while the back is properly rested in this position.

Besides inducing a relaxed sleep due to lighter stomach this exercise is helpful in regulating the urinary and serial health in both men and women. A must recommended exercise for everyone.


Shavasana is a Sanskrit word and stands for the “Pose of the Corpse”. This Pose is supposed to induce the serenity in the mind and body like in a dead body. The breathing is supposed to be controlled in such a way that each body function reaches its slowest speed. Shavasana is more a meditation than an exercise. Its like done to calm the mind at the end of day and to focus on positive things in life. It provides a time for reflection on what was done throughout the day.

The pose is practiced lying down comfortably with face upwards. Keep feet apart at a distance more than the hips. Begin with relaxing your toes, then calf muscles followed by thighs and buttock. Relax your abdomen and feel the slow movement of inhalation and exhalation. Feel the chest movement. Move your thoughts to relax your jaws, lips and ultimately the area between your brows. Stay in this position for a while and observe the serenity around. There is nothing else to be done in this pose.

Wiggle your toes and then ankles to start finishing the pose. Bend your legs and move it towards your chest. Then sit up and move your shoulders to come to normal position.

Shavasana is the most relaxing Yoga Pose one can think of. It works wonders to reduce stress levels if practiced regularly.


Butterfly is one of the easiest anytime stretching exercise. It does not require any special settings or bound to any practicing at any specific time of the day. Butterfly can be practiced anytime and anywhere. Its like also recommended for professionals living out of their suitcases to provide sufficient stretching to their muscles.

Butterfly exercise is one of the most effective exercises as well. Its like recommended for pregnant women as well as women who are planning to conceive. For men, it is one of the most effective exercises to regulate urinary tract health. It stretches the thighs and buttock. Its like invigorating stretching after a long day work. Its like a mandatory exercise for walkers and runners. It improves the blood flow to muscles in the lower back, abdomen and upper legs and induces a relaxing sleep after a long day’s work.

This exercise is practiced in sitting position with both your feet together and clasped with both hands. The knees are flipped up and down for 3-5 minutes. Try bringing the knees to touch the floor. This might be difficult in the beginning but will become routine as your flexibility increases. Butterfly should always be done with a straight back.

One of the most recommended exercise, Butterfly must not be taken up by people suffering from sciatica or slip disc. Its like strongly recommended making this exercise part of your daily life and spend 3-5 minutes practicing it before hitting bed.

After Dinner, Walk a Mile

“After dinner walk a mile” goes the saying. Rightly said, this is the best form of exercise before hitting the bed. A Mile of walk ensures that your gastric juices are worked up to digest the dinner. A 20-minute brisk Walk is recommended after dinner.

I have practiced this Walk along with the rest of my family members and found it to be the best time to reconnect. The cool night breeze is welcome even in tropical climates. One should take care of wearing proper clothing in cooler climatic zones. It should not cause an adverse effect when practicing this evening Walk before dinner.

A Walk after dinner also induced a good sleep which is so essential for health. In our time, it leads us away from the screen which is a great softer advantage we get out of this practice. In case, you are still not in the habit of walking after dinner, take it up today. This is one practice which you can always thank me for.


The above recommendations are the simplest exercises which must be taken up before going to bed. They help in improving digestion, relaxing the muscles and reducing stress levels. Also, no special place is required to perform them and can be practiced anywhere. For recommendations on simple morning exercises, lease read my other article by clicking here.

Please leave your experience of adopting these exercises. Do leave your comments below if you liked this article.

4 Replies to “Best Bed Time Exercises for Wellness”

  1. Very useful post, 
    Actually I am performing Shavasana position for a while now without knowing it is something very useful, and because i started to fell well, I kept doing it everyday, it is really good feeling.

    However, I take a walk not after my meal directly, but I walk a lot, is this gonna effect same as the last part “after dinner walk a mile”?

    I didn’t try the rest, but I think I should try them, because in my opinion if Shavasana benefited i think Butterfly and Vajrasana will be effective too.

    Thanks for the article, very informative.

    1. Hi Moses,

      Thanks for the comprehensive review and offering your own experience with the subject. Walking after dinner has the effect of making your stomach light for sleep. It definitely has a different effect than walking anytime else.

      Wish you all wellness and health with adoption of these exercises.



  2. Thank you for sharing these exercises that can be done after dinner to improve your digestion and give you a better night’s sleep. These exercises are all very simple and can easily be done by anybody. Going for a walk after dinner is aa great way to settle your food and prepare you for bed. It can also be combined with walking your dog before then going to sleep. 

    The images really help to depict what the pose for the exercises are. Here’s to a good night’s sleep and also losing weight with these bed-time exercises.

    1. Thanks for your thorough review once again Line,

      Walking your dog after dinner is a great suggestion and which is a great exercise to ease your stomach before going to bed!

      Thanks a ton.

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