Best Morning Exercise for Wellness

Mornings define your day. It is the best time when you connect with nature. The serenity of the surroundings, the virgin air and the pompous sound of the winds whistling through awakes your senses. The unpolluted air ensures maximum flow of energy. We discuss the best morning exercise for wellness at this early hour here.

Our body experiences deep slumber and the blood supply and therefore the oxygen supply is limited as we rest. This is nature’s unique way of cooling down our system. It is extremely important to have a good sleep where the body uses the rest period to repair any discrepancies. We will discuss the importance of a having a good sleep at other time. But, the body needs to get back into motion with higher level of energy required once we wake up. Therefore, the blood flow needs to increase to each of our muscles which calls for higher oxygen intake. The recommendation on morning exercises are based on these premises.

The recommendations range from traditional Yoga to simple activities like stretching. Idea is to make them a daily habit for the best benefits on health and wellness.


Suryanamaskar is one the most versatile Yoga exercise recommended for the mornings. It is a complete body stretching exercise combined with cardio workout. It consists of twelve step process and preferred to be done when the first rays of Sun hit your Solar plexus. Suryanamaskar is a Sanskrit term which means ‘Greetings to the Sun’. It is the best morning exercise for wellness.

This wholesome exercise when done on a regular basis brings a number of benefits including optimizing your weight and filling your body with energy. Though it does take some effort and energy to make it a practice in the first place. But given the benefits associated with it, it is highly recommended adopting this exercise in your everyday life.

My other article discusses in detail about Suryanamaskar and you may want to read it by clicking here.

Anulom Vilom Pranayam

Pranayam is a Sanskrit word which stands for flow of life. These are simple breathing exercises practiced with discipline to make life flow through your body. What it necessarily means is intake of good oxygen to enrich blood and outflow of air containing lesser oxygen. There are several breathing exercises recommended in Yoga but Anulom Vilom Pranayam is one of the most simple yet effective one. Anulom Vilom stands for breathing through nostrils alternatively.

The time to practice this breathing exercise is in the early morning hours. This time is recommended with the idea that air is purest in the early mornings with high level of oxygen. Therefore maximum benefits can be gained if practiced at this hour.

Anulom Vilom is practiced while sitting in lotus pose and one hand resting on the lower belly. The thumb of other hand is placed over one nostril. Inhale slowly to fill your lungs and slowly and then place your pointing finger on the other nostril. Exhale fully through the other nostril. Wait for 2-3 seconds before inhaling fully to fill your lungs and place your thumb again on the other nostril. Exhale through the other nostril. Keep this cycle of inhaling and exhaling while keeping your eyes closed. Practice this breathing exercises for at least five minutes.

This breathing exercise takes you into a state of calmness. Thereby, the stress level reduces and it also works to improve focus. It is also claimed to enhance your will power if practiced regularly. The effect of Anulom Vilom on your overall wellness is widely acknowledged by Yoga practitioners and I would personally recommend this one breathing exercise for well-being.


The name of this simple pose means the pose of Thunderbolt. It resembles the Japanese sitting position and my other article discusses in detail about this exercise. You may want to read it by clicking here.

Vajrasana is an anytime and any-place exercise which replaces miles of walking and tones the thighs, calf and back muscles. It is a great relief after a tiring day. However, practicing it in the morning massages your lower part and straightens your spine.

The pose is illustrated in the picture and involves sitting with legs folded under your hips. Take care to maintain your ankle and head in one straight line. It is as simple a Yoga pose as that!

Vajrasana is meant to cure acidity and improve digestion. It is also recommended to cure urinary problems and normalize functioning of serial organs. I recommend this exercise as it replaces a thorough leg massage and leave me rejuvenated through-out the day.

I recommend Vajrasana to everybody except which people suffering from knee pain. Also, it is strongly recommended performing this exercise on a soft bed like a Yoga Mat. Otherwise, it might hurt your knees or pull a sprain in the foot.

Brisk Walk

If all the difficult Sanskrit terms of Yoga intimidate you, just leave them aside and go for a brisk Walk!

inhaling fresh air in the morning is the most rejuvenating experience. Walking should be brisk and should increase your heart-bear. You can adjust your pace and distance according to it. You can treat brisk Walk as a cardio workout where increasing the heart-beat syncs well with higher rate of inhalation. However, please do take care of using proper gear and clothing to protect yourself from the cold mornings.

A Brisk Walk before the Sun sets in is the simplest exercise you must adopt in your daily life. Make it a practice and it will go a long way in improving your wellness.


Mornings are time for rejuvenation of the body and senses. You need to energize the muscles by stretching and ensuring better flow of blood to each and every tissue and nerves. More oxygen is required to keep the body awaken and therefore you need fresh air intake.

Whatever activity you choose, you must make it a habit to awaken your body and senses consciously. A good start in the morning ensures a feel of wellness throughout the day.

Do leave your comments below on your experience and opinion of adopting these morning exercises.

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  1. I have to say I am not a morning person but what you are saying makes sense. I do not feel that well during the day and get tired a lot. I will definitely try out the morning ritual you describe in your article. I like the idea of yoga and heart a lot about it. I know that yoga is very good for the body and now since I have read your article also know it is a great idea to practice yoga when you wake up. Thank for a very interesting article I can relate to. 


    1. Thanks for your comments Elke,

      Hope you have wonderful mornings and feel energetic throughout the day.


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