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Good digestion leads to Wellness. It fills the body with energy and vigor. The skin health improves and you feel positive all the day. The best natural food digestion helps to optimally utilize our food intake.

When to drink water and when to avoid it is the biggest help in digestion. The way one should drink water is of prime importance. One should always drink water by sipping it ensuring that the saliva goes into the guts aiding digestion. However, this subject has been discussed in detail in one of my earlier articles, hence I leave it at that. To read this article click here.

To improve digestion naturally, you don’t need to look beyond your traditional kitchen store. It is best observed that Nature provides you Health Aids from your immediate surroundings. Indian Ayurveda recommends health aids mostly from the articles available in your kitchen store. This might vary from regions but here in this article I am writing from the Indian kitchen perspective.

Few of the natural aids in digestion are Asafoetida, Clarified Butter, Ajwain and Betel Leaves. We discuss these four prominent natural food which helps to improve digestion and overall wellness.


Asafoetida or “Devil’s Dung” is known as “Heeng” in Sanskrit. It is native to India and Nepal and also to North Africa. It is part of the Indian kitchen since time immemorial. In India, it is customary to include in Best Natural Food Digestion.

Asafoetida is the gum extract from the plant. The gum is extracted and powdered. The powder is the one found in packages sold in stores. However, it is not only the asafoetida gum extract which is part of the powder. Care should be exercised to pick the pure powder form only without it being mixed with any other powder.

Ayurvedic preparations for relieving gas from the intestines contains asafoetida powder. It is part of the Indian curry. It’s aroma is quite strong and only a few pinches added to soup or curry is sufficient to fill with taste and aroma. However, the taste takes time to acquire for the uninitiated.

Asafoetida is great natural food to aid in digestion. Hence, make asafoetida powder part of your kitchen store and enjoy the natural digestion benefits it imparts.

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Clarified Butter

Clarified butter or “Ghee” in Hindi Language is supposed to be an elixir for wellness. It finds usage in external applications.Besides it helps in digestion.It originated in India during ancient times. The Best natural food digestion cannot be complete without clarified butter.

Clarified butter is amazing in the sense that even if it is 100% fat like butter, it helps you lose fat! It is made with cow’s milk but contains almost nil lactose and casein, making it suitable for people with dairy allergy.

It is part of any Asian cooking and a spoonful of warm clarified butter taken before meals is supposed to stoke the gastric juices. This helps in digestion of food more effectively. Hence, traditional Indian meals starts with a spoonful of warm melted clarified butter.

Nutritionists recommend a daily dose of 2-3 spoonfuls of clarified butter. This can be had before meal or as part of soup or curry. Clarified butter has a strong aroma but tastes great. It breaks easily in our guts to be digested. It helps in removing toxins from the body. The benefits on health and overall wellness in immense from clarified butter.


Bishop’s Weed or Carom seeds is known as Ajwain in Hindi. This is a great digestive aid is part of almost all Indian cuisines. It is great natural food aiding digestion. The wellness factor of Ajwain comes from Thymol – a key ingredient of Thyme as well.

Ajwain has been recommended by the Ancient Ayurveda System as a digestive aid. It is part of any digestive mediation prepared from quick relief of indigestion and stomach pain. It is used for internal consumption or applied on stomach with warm mustard oil to provide immediate pain relief in children. Its strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and helps to cure peptic ulcers.

In order to cure chronic or recurrent stomach pain, it is recommended to switch over to drinking Ajwain water. Take two teaspoons of roasted Ajwain seeds and boil it with about six glasses of water. Leave it overnight. Strain it in the morning and drink this water instead of normal drinking water. This cures any stomach pains and aids digestion.

Switching to Ajwain water solves the problems of flatulence and acidity naturally. It is great for pregnant women who are prone to these disorders and Ajwain water comes as a great relief to them.

Betel LeavesBetel Leaves

The Betel Leaves is part of the pepper family. It is known as “Paan” in Hindi and “tambool” in Sanskrit. Its leaves are consumed in Asia specially in India. Betel leaves contain many curative health benefits. It is typically used as a post-meal digestive aid.

Betel Leaves are full of anti-oxidants and are laxative. It helps in preventing constipation. The leaves return the Ph level of human body to normal levels. Ayurveda recommends Betel Leaves both as digestive aid and in curing constipation.

The leaves are cultivated in various varieties of size and softness. The heart-shaped leaves have various shades of green. Soft leaves have a light shade while the large ones have a deep hue of green. Betel Leaves’ and taste is very different from anything else and can best be described as pleasing to the senses.

Betel Leaves are consumed raw along with peppermint and sweeteners. Betel extracts are nowadays used in preparing sweet-meat and even candies and ice-creams.

My recommendation is that if you get a chance to visit India, do not miss the opportunity to have a “Paan” at the local Betel shop.


Mother Nature has gifted us our own cures for various ailments. Our problems of digestion leads to many lifestyle diseases. Hence, a good digestion leads to good health and wellness.

Asafoetida, Clarified Butter, Ajwain and Betel Leaves are natural food to regulate digestion. Make them part of your daily lives whichever is possible depending on which part of the world you live in.

Do leave your experience with these natural food and specially if you had the opportunity of having “Paan” in India. Would love to see your comments in the comment box below.

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  1. Thank you for your information.

    I found this article when I looking for the natural food digestion, last month.

    Because of the work pressure, I had Stomach disease, and find some food that could help me easily.

    And by your article,I learned totally new natural food, like Asafoetida, Clarified Butter, Ajwain, and Betel Leaves.

    I tried for several weeks, it worked.I feel relieved.

    1. Thanks for your comments and well – it worked for you! That is a great experience to share. 

      Stay Well!!!

  2. I am very aware of natural elements available up there that will help my health but food digestion is a topic not so popular today. It should.  We can be careful with what we eat but helping the digestion can have so much better results for our health. I appreciate the names of the elements that can help digestions.  I will keep them in mind. 

    I have never heard of Asafoetida but it is worth investigating the availability. I find interesting that these elements can actually enhance digestion.

    1. Thanks for your comments Maria,

      I have included the link in the sidebar for purchasing asafoetida powder online if you click on the photograph.

      Stay Well!!!

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