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Life of WellnessWellness is a subject much talked about nowadays. Life has become so hectic and full of stress. It comes with its own parcel of ups and downs. The environment is polluted everywhere. We are no longer able to enjoy natural gifts from Mother Nature. No longer are we able to drink water from open sources or breath clean air in our urban surroundings. The best tips healthy living encompasses some minor changes in our daily lives which will lead to our overall wellness.

Our basic functions besides our thinking abilities is to Eat, Drink, Sleep and Rest. I have tried to provide few tips in each of our basic functioning to improve our health and thereby wellness. These are minor changes in our everyday life but have a long-lasting effect on our wellness. Millennials can benefit immensely by adapting these changes in their daily lives. In fact, anyone following these changes will benefit. I specially name millennials here as they are the ones who might yet be untouched by lifestyle related diseases. They will benefit most by taking these precautionary measures.

Eat WellEat Well

The idea of eating well is not related to what one should eat. Rather, right food taken at the right time provides the best nourishment to the body. In best tips healthy living we will discuss few tips on timing of eating food for best health results.

Ancient medical observers recommend having your first meal within three hours of waking up. It was observed that our digestive power peeks in the morning hours. Therefore, a heavy meal is easily digested by the body when you have it in the morning hours. It ensures day-long energy for work.

A medium meal is recommended during the afternoon followed by light snacks of nuts and jaggery, if need be, in late afternoon. No Ancient texts and none of the literature available worldwide recommends any meal at night. Hence, it is best to avoid any meals at night as the digestive power is least during those hours.

It is noteworthy that absolutely no fruits should be eaten post afternoon. Fruits have a slightly acidic effect and the harmful acids might get into our bloodstream when it is not properly digested by our body. Eating fruits post-evening imposes that risk.

Although the food culture varies across the world, but the basic understanding remains the same regarding when one should eat and how much. The timings is best suited to an agrarian society!

Drink WellDrinking Water-Early Morning

The topic of drinking well does not pertain to what to drink but the timing of it. Best tips healthy living recommends certain times when you should drink water and certain times when you should not. Let us look at when to drink water and when not.

The only time you should drink water without being thirsty is the first thing in the morning. This is the time when saliva generation is at the maximum after the night’s sleep. The idea is to wash down this saliva to aid in digestion. Saliva is the best alkaline drink we can find in nature. It is recommended to drink three glasses of water first thing in morning by sipping it. It must be ensured that the saliva is washed down with water and reaches our guts.

The junction of night and morning is the time when our body has accumulated gas in our stomach. This gas creates a natural pressure to push bowel. Drinking water at this time combines with the gas pressure to clear bowel. It helps in clearing toxins from our body. At other times, our body demand water by showing signals of thirst. Hence, just follow your body signals to drink water at other times.

As emphasized in my earlier article, it is important not to drink water 45 minutes before having meals and at least 45 minutes after it. Drinking water with meal or immediately after dilutes the power of gastric juices and hence affects digestion. Besides, it is mandatory to not drink water after having fruits specially banana.

(To read more on when to avoid drinking water click here)

Sleep WellSleep Well

The idea to sleep well is off course to have minimum hours of sleep at night. However, there are few tips as per ancient scriptures which leads to wholesome sleep. The benefits of wholesome sleep is abundant and quite well-known.

The direction in which you sleep is extremely important – the first tip for a wholesome sleep. It is guided by the earth’s magnetic field and synchronization with our own body’s magnetic field. It is considered that the body’s magnetic field runs with our head as North( South is case of Southern Hemisphere) and legs towards the South. Hence, it is recommended never to sleep with your head towards the Poles. This is supposed to create repulsion in our body’s magnetic field which prevents a peaceful sleep. Sleeping with head in opposite direction to the Poles is highly recommended. However, artists and children must sleep with head in East which is known to provide peaceful sleep. Everyone else in business should follow the recommendation of sleeping with head away from the Poles.

It is also recommended to always sleep towards your left. This puts less pressure on the heart to pump blood. I have experienced immediate relief in stomach ache as well when lying down towards my left.

Rest WellLunch Time

The mechanism of digestion calls for short naps at other times of the day which aids digestion. This is an important tip for achieving overall wellness.

As discussed in an earlier article, the guts needs maximum supply of oxygen when digesting food. Therefore, we feel sleepy immediately after a heavy meal. The oxygen is drawn from all parts of the body including our brains. The signal for less oxygen in our brains results in yawning where the brain draws an emergency supply of oxygen.

It is recommended to listen carefully to signals our body gives. If the signal is to sleep, one must follow it with a nap. An afternoon siesta is very popular in many cultures. Japanese work culture calls for a 20-minute nap post-lunch.


Following my article “My Wellness Solutions“, I thought it appropriate to share a few tips on wellness living which is not known commonly. These tips are either from the Ancient scriptures or propagated via word of mouth and practiced over generations. These are definitely not medical solutions and most of the time does not work in hyper-conditions. However, it works when adapted as a way of life to provide a long term benefit.

I hope and believe that many of you readers will benefit reading this article. Do leave your experience in the comment box below and watch out this space for more articles on wellness.

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  1. Hi Rohit, this is a really nice blog on eating well and eating right. The idea of eating well is not related to what one should eat. Rather, right food taken at the right time provides the best nourishment to the body. I totally agree with that statement and have personally found most value in eating at the right time and in the right way. Your tips containa welath of indian wisdom on eating right, and the ayurvedic system that is so famed in India gives us the specific benefits of eating and drinking well. On the whole, i think u have given some great information to us on the methodology to follow for long term wellness.

    i love your other articles as well. 


    1. Hi Aparna,

      Thanks for your encouraging words. Yes, all this writing is just a compilation of what most of us already know about and don’t share thinking that this is common knowledge.

      Do keep visiting back for more articles on wellness.

      Best Regards,


  2. Thanks so much for sharing a beautiful, informative article with us. The principal element of this article is the Best Tips Healthy Living. It’s really amazing that you covered this subject so well in your post. I have learned a lot from reading your post and gained a lot of knowledge about it. I like Sleep Well of the points mentioned in your article. In my opinion, if you do not sleep properly, then health is never good. A certain amount of sleep may not be a substitute for good health.
    Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so I want to share the subject of the article in my Facebook group so that everyone can adopt some effective strategies to maintain good health that you can know the details of what you have seen in the article.

    1. Hi Asraful,

      Thanks for your encouraging words. Please feel free to share this post with your Facebook group. The intention of this website is to effect maximum readers towards wellness.

      Best Regards,

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