Can fenugreek seeds help to gain weight?

Can fenugreek seeds help to gain weight?
Fenugreek is one of the most popular kitchen herbs worldwide due to its health benefits. But can fenugreek seeds help to gain weight?

Fenugreek is grown in plenty in tropical climates. The green shrub is widely grown in Asia specially in the Indian Sub-continent.

Many kitchen gardens will have Fenugreek as a part. It can be easily grown from seeds. The saplings take about 5-7 days to grow once the seed is sowed in favorable conditions.

The green plant is full of leaves and does not require too much care. Tender leaves can be harvested many times in the plant’s lifetime. They are full of foliage within a fortnight for the next harvest.

The plant is short and shrubbery. The green shrub is not a tall plant and harvest at ground height easily.

Fenugreek has its own aroma which is strong but not unpleasant. Some studies suggest a different smell in urine when one consumes Fenugreek!

In this series of Nutritious Foods for Wellness, we will discuss more about Fenugreek to understand if it can help in gaining weight.

What is a Fenugreek Seed?

The fenugreek plant bears seeds when it has matured. This seed is collected and used as Fenugreek Seed.What is a Fenugreek Seed?

Green leaves of fenugreek plants bear a distinct aroma. They are small and succulent leaves and used in many preparations. They are beneficial as a healthy diet and consumed extensively in food preparations.

However, the health potential of fenugreek seeds is much more pronounced than its leaves. Besides, it can be stored for a long time in a kitchen store.

It should be noteworthy that fenugreek seeds do not come with an expiry date!

The best results on health come by consuming soaked fenugreek seeds. The sprouts are easy to make- just soak it overnight in water. Seeds usually starts germinating within eight to ten hours.

Fenugreek seeds are like health capsules and that too naturally packed. It contains large portions of potassium and magnesium besides other helpful nutrients.

Seeds are available in abundance anywhere as they can be transported over long distance. This is unlike the leaves which can be enjoyed only where they are grown.

Fenugreek seeds are used in various ways and the food preparations made from it can also be preserved naturally.

What does Fenugreek Do?

Fenugreek is food for the colder climates and generates heat in the body. The green shrub is packed with nutrients like potassium and magnesium. It burns the accumulated fat in the body due to its heat generating properties and helps in maintaining weight.What does Fenugreek Do?

It also reduces the appetite which is another factor helping in weight control.

So does fenugreek seeds help to gain weight?

Absolutely not, rather it helps in controlling weight.

The most well-known benefit of fenugreek seeds is its property to stimulate insulin and absorbing blood sugar. It thereby helps to control blood sugar. Fenugreek seeds are well-known to absorb sugar from blood reducing the sugar level.

The simultaneous action of increasing insulin effectiveness and absorption of sugar is a boon in disguise for diabetic patients. The green shrub is a natural cure for blood sugar coming at almost no cost.

The green shrub is claimed that eating about 100 grams of sprouted fenugreek seeds has the ability of treating diabetes forever!

However, take this advice as caution and do not skip your regular medicine if suffering from diabetes.

Actually, fenugreek removes all toxins from body and is a great purifier.

One gets a natural glow on skin with regular use of fenugreek seeds.

Fenugreek’s beneficial value on hair growth is quite well-known. Application of water in which fenugreek seeds were left overnight stimulates hair growth.

Is Fenugreek good for Liver?

Fenugreek removes toxins from the body and Simultaneously enhances production of insulin. The green shrub is food for liver and is good to maintain liver health.Is Fenugreek good for Liver?

It helps to remove toxins which is a primary function of the liver.

Fenugreek seeds lowers blood sugar which enhances the toxin removal capacity of liver.

Overall, fenugreek is a wonderful food to enhance liver health.

Is it Good to Eat Fenugreek Seeds Daily

Fenugreek seeds can be eaten daily. However, take a break from continuous use for a week and then restart it.

Taking a break is recommended for all iron rich food. An excess of iron is not good for our body. Taking a break ensures that iron is optimally absorbed and provides due nutrient value to our body.

As discussed earlier, eating soaked fenugreek seeds daily provides necessary health benefits.

What are the side effects of fenugreek?

Eating excess fenugreek can cause side effect. Hence, take a break in your daily fenugreek intake to reap optimal benefits.

One should not continue having fenugreek seeds for more than three months!What are the side effects of fenugreek?

Actually, eating fenugreek seed once in a while is recommended if your blood sugar is normal. Do not use it as an insurance against diabetes!

Fenugreek has an advantageous effect in the latter part of pregnancy but is best avoided during the initial gestation period.

Use it cautiously when you are due for surgery or immediately after it. It has a blood thinning effect and can cause complications.

Fenugreek being a natural heat enhancer, is fit for consumption in winters. Restrict usage during summer or use it only if necessary.

Can Fenugreek Seeds Help to Gain Weight?

Fenugreek helps in removing toxins from the body but is not helpful to gain weight. Rather, it can help in reducing weight.

Seeds are borne by plants when matured. These seeds are collected, dried and can be kept for a long time even without any preservatives.

Green leaves are used in a good deal of food preparation but is constrained to be used locally. On the other hand, seeds are available throughout the year and can be transported over long distance.

Fenugreek is rich in potassium and magnesium and many other useful nutrients. It helps in enhancing insulin production and absorbs sugar from blood thereby helping in to control blood sugar levels.

It also removes toxins from body. The green shrub is helpful in controlling high blood pressure.

Fenugreek is a good nourishment for the hair and stimulates hair growth.

Fenugreek is good for Liver as it assists in removing toxins.

Daily consumption is recommended if suffering from high blood sugar. However, take a break in between and then restart. In any case, do not continue consumption for over three months at a stretch.

Do not consume fenugreek continuously if your blood sugar level is normal. Pregnant women must avoid it in the first few months of gestation period. People undergoing surgery must avoid it.

Hope you enjoyed learning about a herb which is simple yet powerful in to control blood sugar and enhancing liver health.

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