Can I Practise Apan Mudra after taking Meals?

Can I Practise Apan Mudra after taking Meals?

Mudras are hand gestures which helps in maintaining the tri-doshas. We learn about few Simple Mudras for Good Health and have good knowledge of what Mudras are all about. Many readers after reading about Mudras ask if one can practice Apan Mudra after having meal?

We will attempt to answer this question by understanding the mechanism of working of Apan Mudra.

The base for practicing Mudras was created by learning about the following Mudras:

1. Gyan Mudra

2. Prana Mudra

3. Vayu Mudra

4. Prithvi Mudra and

5. Varun Mudra

The above five Mudras are simple to practice having significant effect on maintaining the three Doshas. They do not have a side effect and can be made part of daily life. However, they are not magic and it takes time to show effect.

Also, one should not treat Mudras to Work during emergencies or when having pre-existing conditions. Always consult your medical practitioners if you have any of these conditions or are in doubt.

Simple Mudras give way to complex ones. We discussed Shambhavi Mudra which is one of the complex Mudras.

The complex Mudras can cause side effects if not practiced properly. Hence, always take up practice of these Mudras with a Guru or an experienced practitioner.

Apan Mudra is another complex Mudra. We discuss about Apan Mudra in this article.

What is Apan Mudra?

Apan Mudra is a hand Mudra which helps to remove toxins from the lower part of the body. The Mudra is helpful in helping the kidney excrete harmful toxins and thereby achieve wellness in our everyday life.
What is Apan Mudra?

The Mudra effects the lower part of the body and strengthens the excreted organs in our body. Excretory organs lie below the diaphragm. Kidney and the lower intestine are the main organs effected by performing this Mudra.

One of the main reasons of our bad health is improper excretion. Imagine the pain of kidney stone or constipation!

These criteria of wellness is quite evident in infants. Their well-being is judged by their food intake and regular posing. You can immediately detect the root cause of their moodiness if they don’t poo properly.

This holds good in grown up as well. However, their reaction are not expressive. However, late detection leads to excruciating pain.

Apan Mudra helps to regulate excretion from the body. It helps in excreting toxins via urine or games which are so essential for proper functioning of our body.

What are the Benefits of Apana Mudra?

Apan Mudra helps in removing toxins from our body. It helps in proper functioning of the kidney and removes any blockages in exceeding toxins.
What are the Benefits of Apana Mudra?

Apan Mudra has two modes of elimination of toxins. One of them is elimination of toxins via water and the other is via gas.

We normally eliminate toxins from our body via urine. This is not a new knowledge. Apan Mudra strengthens this mode and removes blockages in this path. This helps I removal of toxins effectively.

The other mode of imitation of toxins is via gas mode. Toxins are excreted with gas discharge from our body.

Excess water or gas lodged in our muscles are also eliminated when you practice this Mudra Thus the stress on blood pressure is reduced by elimination of games effectively.

Sore muscles are relieved when one practices this Mudra. Excess water is the cause of such sore muscles which are relieved by its elimination.

Apan Mudra also goes as far as to claim reduced pressure on heart. This is good for heart health.

How do you do Apan Mudra?

Apan Mudra is done with the tip of middle finger and ring finger touching the tip of thumb. Other fingers are left in relaxing position. This position must be held for five to 25 minutes in a Day for effective results.
How do you do Apan Mudra?

Sit in a comfortable position to practice this Mudra. Though it can be practiced while standing, lying down, talking or whenever your hands are free.

It can be practiced at anytime during the day. However, try practicing in the morning or the evening.

Mornings and evenings are the time period when the natural doshas of the body transitions. Those are the best time to force toxins our if the body.

Also, this Mudra should be practiced with care. People suffering from excess water, games or toxins must only take up this Mudra.

Can I do Apanavayu Mudra and Vayu Mudra Simultaneously?

Apanavayu Mudra and Vayu Mudra can be done simultaneously. In fact, Apanavayu Mudra incorporates the elements of Vayu Mudra in it.
Can I do Apanavayu Mudra and Vayu Mudra Simultaneously?

Touch your index finger at the base of thumb and touch the tips of middle and ring finger with the tip of thumb. This is a complete Apanavayu Mudra. This has incorporated the element of Vayu Mudra in Apan Mudra. Hence, these two Mudras are accomplished simultaneously.

The Apanavayu Mudra helps in eliminating toxins via gas discharge from our body. It also eradicates gas lodged in our muscles causing pain.

The Apanavayu Mudra is also called Mritsanjivini Mudra which means that it can enliven the dead one too!

Can Mudras be done by One Hand?

Mudras should not be done with only one hand.

The pressure points in left-hand effect the right portion of body while that in right-hand effects the left portion.

Hence, Mudras should be practiced with both hands to effect the whole body.

Who Should not do Apan Mudra?

Normally Apan Mudra should be taken up with people suffering from excess water, gas or toxins. Do not practice this Mudra if these are normal in your body.

Pregnant women should not practice Apan Mudra.

People whose urine routine is already normal should not practice this Mudra.

Besides, as a standard disclaimer, do not practice this Mudra if you have any pre-existing conditions Do not consider any Mudra ad an emergency treatment. Always consult your medical practitioner if in doubt.

Also, to answer the question asked here, one should not practice Apan Mudra after meal. Either practice it on empty stomach or leave a gap of at least 1.5 hours before practicing Apan Mudra.

Can I Practice Apan Mudra after taking Meals?

Apan Mudra should not be practiced after taking meals. One must practice it on empty stomach or after maintaining a gap of at least 1.5 hours after meal.

Apan Mudra is a complex hand gesture which helps in removing toxins from our body. This Mudra effects the lower portion of our body which includes kidney and lower intestine.

The mode of toxin removal is with either water or gas. Excess water is excreted along with toxins via urine and other mode being gas discharge.

The benefits of Apan Mudra includes,

1. Removes toxins from body.

2. Maintains kidney health.

3. Prevents formation of kidney stone.

4. Removes excess water thereby relieves sore muscles.

5. Removes gas from muscles thereby reduces body pain.

6. Reduces gas pressure in body thereby lowers stress on heart.

7. Provides relief in high blood pressure.

Apan Mudra is practiced with tips of Ring and Middle Finger touching the tip of thumb. This must be held between five to 25 minutes everyday.

Apanavayu Mudra and Vayu Mudra can be done simultaneously. Touching the base of thumb with index fingers incorporates Vayu Mudra into Apan Mudra which is called Apanavayu Mudra.

Mudras must be done with both hands always.

People suffering from excess water or gas in lower portion of the body must only take up Apan Mudra. This must be avoided by pregnant woman.

As always, here is a video link to How to do Apan Mudra which will complete your knowledge about this Mudra.

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