Create Positive Attitude for Wellness

Positive Attitude

Life come with its own parcel of ups and downs. External environment has a deep effect on our everyday lives. We tend to get emotional due to the effect of external environment. Sadness comes from the external environment as it suggests us to be so. We become charged with energy or are ebullient at times due to our external environment again.

The key to wellness is to create a positive environment around you. A life is full of happiness is surrounded in positivity. For creating a positive environment around you one needs to have a positive attitude. Our mind dictates how we live our lives. We can create positive attitude when we consciously strive towards it.

Our inner reactions to the external environmental calls are dictated by our own mind. It is how we take our environment in perspective. It is possible to train our mind to refuse such calls. That entirely depends on our attitude towards such situations. Our reactions are centered more within ourselves than our external environment. Hence, it our inner resilience which can take any tough situation and still tide over it. It is our positive attitude which makes us face difficult situations in our everyday life.

The conscious way of developing a positive attitude is to think positive, speak positive, read positive and listen positive.

Think PositiveThink Positive

Create positive attitude by thinking positive. This is easy said than done. Changing you thinking pattern is the most difficult thing to do for a human being. But the idea is that positivity must root in your mind. This is the first stepping stone in developing a positive attitude.

In case, you are not tuned to thinking positive, start with leaving away your cynicism. Try not to be on a fault-finding mission. Start with pointing at least one thing which is positive in any situation. Try looking for the opportunity it might open in long run. Remember that crisis is always of short-term nature. When you start looking at long term, you start freeing yourself of the shackles of negativity.

As discussed in a previous post discussing Stress Relief Meditation for Wellness, the power of subconscious mind is immense. What you think is what you get. Practicing positing thinking leads to positive outcomes in you life. Negative thinking is surely going to ruin things. Remember that negative thinking is much more powerful than positive thinking and easily overshadows the positive thoughts we have in mind. Therefore, take care to start eliminating negative thoughts first.

Speak PositiveSpeak Positive

Speaking positive goes a long way to create positive attitude. Speech is reflection of you thoughts. A vice-versa is that what you speak so you think. Hence, when you speak positive it remains for a long time in you sub-conscious mind. This leads to a cascading effect and you think more and more positive.

It often happens that when you have a bad day, you can trace it back to negative words spoken in the morning. This is only an example of how the negative spoken words effects our well-being. I am not a psychologist but can write with my observations that negative spoken words does have a bad effect on you.

Speaking positive all the time makes you look incredulous? Then the first thing you should do is to stop speaking negative. There might be job demands where you responsibility is to speak negative to manage you team. Here, you must back up you severe criticism with a word of goodness. People are more receptive to you criticism when backed up with a word of goodness.

Read PositiveRead Positive

How do you imbibe positive thoughts in yourself? What are positive thoughts?

Reason why you are now aware to create positive attitude is because you are reading this article. Practicing reading on developing positive thoughts stimulates you mind to actually think positive. Reading enhances you imagination. Your imagination affects the sub-conscious mind. Reading positive literature guides you imagination towards positive thoughts.

Target reading at least one book on positive thoughts.This will help you a lot in developing it. It will train you mind to keep negativity away.

One can even extend the habit of reading positive literature to “writing” positive things. It can vary from ordinary one-sentences to writing beautiful poetry- if that is you inner talent. I have observed being positive many a times by simply forwarding positive quotes.

Listen PositiveListen Positive

Listening touches your sub-conscious mind as it is most fluid of all that we have discussed above. A morning tune fills you with positive thoughts throughout you day. An evening tune puts you to sound sleep leaving you fresh when you wake up next morning. You have seen the effects on babies when Mother’s sing lullabies to put them to sleep.

In this era of information moving so fast across the globe, there are many mediums available to listen to positive thoughts. They may be spiritual thoughts or motivational drawn from their own experiences. Podcasts and YouTube have immense amount of stuff for listening to positive thoughts.

Target at least one listening. Pick-up any media of you choice every day. Listening positive things regularly leaves a mark on you sub-conscious mind. You tend to become worry-free and leave stress behind. This lead to you overall wellness in life.


The basic premise of leading a life of wellness is to be positive. Your inner resilience must be so strong that it can take on any external challenging situation coming you way. You need to practice positive thoughts to beat stress. Otherwise, life is full of difficult situations but the key is to face it and not fall a prey to it.

Start developing a positive attitude by targeting the first steppers- thinking positive, speaking positive, reading positive and listening positive. When you are consciously doing all these, there is no doubt that you life will fill with positive thoughts. You will start feeling the difference. You will see opportunities in crisis and that is what life is all about.

Here’s a bonus for the readers looking for positive inspirations. Listen to Change your Mindset, Change the Game here.

Please leave you opinion and experiences about the subject in the comment box below. Do spread the word for more and more people to have positivism in life.

4 Replies to “Create Positive Attitude for Wellness”

  1. I love your post so much because it added positive energy. I’m in the Personal development niche and my blog topics revolve around everything positive. As I read your article there is this inner joy affecting me, putting smile to my face and a prayer that many people will read this wonderful article. I bookmarked your site for future reference. Keep on writing stuff like this. The world needs huge amount of positive energy. 

    1. Thanks for your positive comments Brian,

      Your encouragement is the positive energy I need to keep on writing such stuff. Wish you success in your blog topic.

      Stay Well!!!

  2. Hi Rohit

    Being positive in life has many benefits, sometimes this can be difficult to achieve.

    Thank you for your views on ways one can help themselves to change to a positive state of mind. 

    Sometimes when I feel negative or have feelings of defeat, I think of how lucky I am to be where I am and how much I have accomplished.  

    Thank you for your article 



    1. Hi Bernardo,

      Thanks for your comments.

      Yes, the key to being positive is to see the small amount of goodness it brings. Celebrate that goodness, dwell on it and you are stress free. This is far better than worrying about what makes you low.

      Stay Well!!!

      Best Regards,

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