Groundnuts Health Benefits

Groundnut is known by many other names like earth nuts, goober, pindars or monkey nuts. It is native to the tropics and the sub-tropics and its origins are attributed to South America. It is widely grown in Africa and the Indian Sub-Continent. Groundnuts health benefits holds such significance due to its wide availability and cheap price. Groundnut is everybody’s food with excellent nutrition value.

Widely called Peanuts and becoming extremely popular due to various Brands of peanut butter, these are seeds which can be eaten raw. Groundnuts are commercially used as oil seeds and grown in trillions of tons worldwide. Peanut butter has caught attention in recent past as unlike dairy based butter, it contains lesser fat and more protein. Therefore, it is often used as body mass building.

The health benefits offered by other nuts are quite well-known. Groundnut comes from the same family but very commonly available. Here we discuss the various ways in which we can make groundnut a part of our diets.

Topic/Nutrition Value of Groundnut

Dairy based products do score better in terms of calcium but groundnuts health benefits is significant due to high protein Content and a lower fat content. Groundnut is therefore becoming so important for a balanced diet. A balanced diet is the key to maintain your nutrition level and contribute to your wellness.

Groundnuts contain healthy unsaturated fats which increases the “good cholesterol” besides proteins. It also contains Fiber, minerals like magnesium, folate, thiamine and Vitamin B6. It has anti-oxidant properties but does not contain Omega-3 fatty acid. A 100g portion of groundnut would provide 388 K calories of energy. Folates are an essential constituent of groundnuts and hence recommended for nutrition of pregnant women.

The nutrients value of groundnut is different from other expensive nuts like almond or cashew in the lack of Omega-3 fatty acid buy otherwise provides very similar nutrients and micro-nutrients. It is widely considered to eradicate malnutrition in a society given its availability, cheap price and high nutrition value.

Topic/On-The Go Food

Groundnuts are the real on-the-go food and is a great nutrition when choice of food is not on top of your mind. I have recommended groundnut for the busy working millennial in one of my previous article. Please read this article by clicking here. Groundnuts provide a gluten-free food option in our everyday diet schedule.



The biggest advantage of groundnut is that it can be eaten raw. Though roasted ones tastes best. While traveling in Indian Railways do pick up a cone which is called “Time-Pass”. This means that you can keep de-shelling and enjoying the nut inside. The nut tastes creamy just like any other nut. However, small amount of salt and pepper makes its very tasty.

However, the best way to pick-up groundnut on the go is the overnight soaked one. This I follow in personally. The soaked groundnuts are soft to chew and great in taste. I usually take soaked groundnuts in the morning with some jaggery. This gives me enough energy throughout the morning.

Steamed groundnuts is quite popular in the Southern regions of USA. This is yet another innovative way of consuming groundnuts. In whichever way you eat groundnuts, it is going to provide you sufficient nutrition required by the body.

Topic/Groundnut Recipes

Groundnut Recipes are prevalent since long and to my surprise I had not even bothered to notice them. One of the most popular one in India is the white chutney. One can find this chutney as accompaniment through-out the Southern part of India.

The most popular one is peanut butter. It is hugely popular as muscle enhancer and right food choice for Vegan Lovers. Peanut Butter does not contain dairy based products. They contain lesser fat and are protein- rich. Weight loss programs are incomplete without peanut butter. A traditional Indian Fasting regime ends with having groundnuts to supplement any loss of energy. Peanut butter has fast replaced dairy based butter in bakery products.

Peanut Butter is available in the market with number of variations. The chocolate ones are the most popular. Besides, other healthy ingredients like honey is added for flavor and also enhances the nutrient value.US FDA defines Peanut Butter which contains at least 90 percent Peanuts in it.

Other popular recipes include using raw or roasted groundnut seeds along with diced or stewed vegetables to enhance its protein contents. Groundnuts are used in a wide variety of dishes including some sweet dishes. The cost of preparation of these dishes is lower compared to using almonds or cashew.

Topic/When to Avoid Groundnut

Some complications arise when dressed groundnuts are consumed inconsiderately. These dressings often contain sulfuric sugar or chemical preservatives. This might have a negative effect on health and digestion. Hence, it is best to avoid such dressed groundnut. Essentially, these negative effects on Groundnuts health benefits is not due to the groundnut itself.

However, allergies have been reported in less than one percent population due to protein Content in Groundnut. Hence please do avoid groundnuts in your diet in case, you are allergic to it.


Groundnut is everyone’s food and consumed the world over. We often neglect its importance in providing daily nutrition to a wide population. It has the potential of treating malnutrition prevailing in certain areas of the world. It’s high protein Content fulfills the daily needs of the body keeping one energetic. The oil content consists of unsaturated oil promoting good health.

The best and undoubted benefits it brings to working millennial is the nutrition it provides without worrying much about food choices. Eat it raw, steamed or soaked overnight, you will have a nutritious food at hand. Add salt, pepper or jaggery and that will complement the creamy taste. If not raw, Peanut Butter comes handy with various options of flavor.

In case, you are not making groundnuts part of your diet already, make a conscious effort to adopt it. Make it part of your weight loss program with everyday use keeping preservative laden snacks at bay.

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  1. Very interesting article about groundnuts. I like that they are so cheap compared to other nuts, but still so nutritious. It is true that it should be a part of our daily food and can be used in various ways.

    Keep up the good work to enlighten people about this valuable nutrition.

    All the best

  2. Very interesting article about groundnuts. I like that they are so cheap compared to other nuts, but still so nutritious. It is true that it should be a part of our daily food and can be used in various ways.

    Keep up the good work to enlighten people about this valuable nutrition.

    All the best

    1. Dear Goran,

      Thanks for your review and reply. Groundnut or Peanut is truly nutritious and the best part is that it is available at much cheaper prices. It is even considered to eradicate malnutrition given these properties.

      Best Regards,


  3. I have to say I love eating nuts; usually, they are costly, but Groundnuts are so affordable and very good to include in our diet. They are also versatile and can be a part of our everyday life. I am on a diet because I need to lose some weight for medical reasons and will undoubtedly make Groundnuts part of my diet. 


    1. Hi Elke,

      Thanks for reviewing the article. Soaked groundnuts are great in a weight loss regime supplying sufficient energy to the body and without accumulating fat. All the Best in your journey.

      Best Regards,


  4. Rich in nutrients, it brings you numerous health benefits. You can consume peanuts in its raw and baked version if you wish, the first of which is definitely more recommended. High in calories with all 20 amino acids, peanuts are an excellent stimulator of the immune system. Rich in vitamins, minerals and plant compounds, it contributes to the prevention of many diseases

    1. Thanks for your comments Bojana,

      Yes truly, groundnuts or Peanuts are the most affordable nutrition to be made part of our daily life.

      Best Regards,


  5. Groundnuts are such a good source of nutrients for the body. And yes I agree with you, although groundnuts taste good as it is, I do prefer the taste when they have been oven roasted or dry roasted. 

    Groundnuts are one of my favourite foods to take on a day out or when travelling. They are just so easy and provide so much energy, together with essential vitamins and protein. Thank you for sharing this great resource.  

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