Gyan Mudra for Wellness

Gyan Mudra for Wellness

Mudras are hand gestures to activate the regions in our brain effecting body parts. We discussed some Simple Mudras for Good Health in the previous article. In this article, we discuss one of the simplest Mudras- Gyan Mudra for wellness.

The energy chakras in our body is a rather occult science which is much beyond the current scope of medical science. However, knowing them is interesting as a practice effecting our health and wellness.

There are limited ways to know how to channeling our energy. We all know that energy is constantly flowing in our body which in other words is called life. The Mudras is a known practice to channeling this energy for our well-being.

A word of caution here is that do no do what you don’t know. Practice it under the supervision of experienced practitioners. Be Always careful to select such practices as these effect your internal organs.

We discuss the first and the simplest of Mudras- Gyan Mudra, it’s benefits and precautions if any to be followed. This will help you to determine if this Mudra is for you to take up as a daily practice.

What is Gyan Mudra?

Gyan Mudra is a hand gesture with the thumb touching the index finger. It is the interaction of fire and wind elements resulting in mental awakening and thereby enhancing knowledge. Gyan stands for knowledge in Sanskrit.
What is Gyan Mudra?

The five fingers represent one element of Nature with thumb representing fire and index finger representing air. Interaction of Fore and Air is essential to keep the fire on. Gyan Mudra is formulated to channelize this interaction into our daily life.

The Gyan Mudra is practiced with palms in upward position. This is to internalize as much energy as possible from nature to sharpen our intellect.

Energy is not being created or destroyed but only being internalized in Mudras. Gyan Mudra internalized energy to awaken our intellect.

Gyan Mudra is best recommended for students and people in old age. It reinforces memory and prevents its loss with age. Being one of the most common Hand Mudras, it is a convenient way to work on mental strength.

The Gyan Mudra must be followed by Prana Mudra. We will discuss more about Prana Mudra in a later article.

What is the Difference Between Gyan and Chin Mudra?

The Gyan and the Chin Mudra are synonymous. They are the same hand gesture with the thumb and index finger touching. The only difference is that Gyan Mudra is practiced with palm upwards while Chin Mudra is practiced with palm towards the earth.
What is Difference Between Gyan and Chin Mudra?

Chin Mudra is practiced while meditating and Chin stands for your Consciousness.

Thereby, the Chin Mudra means your consciousness meeting eternity. Yoga means unifying and Chin thereby stands for unifying your consciousness with eternity.

Chin Mudra is also known as Dhyan Mudra as this is extensively used while meditating.

What is the Benefit of Gyan Mudra?

Gyan Mudra enhances one Knowledge grasping powers. This benefit is evident in the name Gyan which means knowledge.

The thumb represents Fire and Index represents an Individual, that is the practitioner of the Mudra himself. This figurative representation means that Gyan Mudra stokes the power of fire in an individual.
What is the Benefit of Gyan Mudra?

Besides, the index finger also represents Air. Air is necessary for fire. Hence, this interaction allows for brightness of mind.

The benefits of Gyan Mudra can be easily determined once we understand this interaction of elements.

Gyan Mudra strengthens ones mental power. It energizes you to think clearly. It enhances your memory as an essential form of mental power.

Performing Gyan Mudra enhances one’s ability to process information quickly. A sharp intellect is achieved by practicing Gyan Mudra regularly.

It is recommended to practice preventing depression and memory loss. Regular practice is said to cure insomnia.

Long term benefits of such kind has prompted practitioners to recommend Gyan Mudra for students or anyone looking to improve their mental function. Besides, it also prevents memory loss due to age and hence good for people over 55 years of age.

How Can I Practice Gyan Mudra?

Practice Gyan Mudra in seated position in either Sukhasan or Padmasan. Touch your index finger with thumb with palm in upward position. Let the other three fingers rest as they are.

Close your eyes and observe the energy flow at your finger tips. Sit in this position for 30 to 45 minutes.

The circle formed between your thumb and index fingers signifies that you are getting energized by the universe. The other three fingers are absorbing energy directly from the Universe.

Keep your back erect when practicing this Mudra.

Gyan Mudra must be practiced with both hands. You might know from my earlier article that Hand Mudras effect Opposite sides of the hand. Hence, both hands should be used to effect either side of brain.

The connection would take approximately 30 seconds to set. Thereafter, hold the Mudra for at least 15 minutes thrice a day if you cannot hold it for 45 minutes in one sitting.

There is no restriction of when to practice Gyan Mudra. You can practice before going to bed or immediately after waking up in the morning.

Mudras are not recommended being practiced immediately after heavy meals as your Body is concentrating on digesting food at that time. You may not extract any benefit by practicing Mudra at this hour.

How Long Does it Take for Mudras to Work?

Mudras are formulated for long term effect. Some Mudras can show effect within three to four weeks while other Mudras might take months. One should practice Mudras making them part of their everyday life and with the intention of seeing long term uplifting in their well-being.
How Long Does it Take Gyan Mudra to Work?

Treating Mudras as immediate cure is not advisable. For example, Gyan Mudra cannot sharpen the mind of someone who is under heavy mental illness. However, it is helpful in making lifestyle changes to prevent such illness from occurring!

Hence, do not treat Mudras as an overnight cure but a healthy practice to enhance your wellness.


We learned here about one of the simplest Mudra, the Gyan Mudra for Wellness. It is a simple hand gesture practiced for awakening your mental strength. Gyan Mudra is practiced in sitting position with the thumb touching the index finger.

Gyan Mudra and Chin Mudra are synonymous with a subtle difference of palm position. The palm is placed upward in Gyan Mudra while it is placed towards the Earth in Chin Mudra. Chin Mudra is also known as Dhyan Mudra as this the Hand gesture used while meditating.

The benefits of Gyan Mudra includes:

1. Strengthening memory.

2. Curing insomnia

3. Sharpening intellect.

4. Distressing

5. Enhanced focus on whatever you do.

6. Helps prevent depression

7. Enhances artistic abilities

Gyan Mudra should be practiced in seated position with straight back. It must be held for 45 minutes or two to three sessions of 10-15 minutes each.

Mudras must be treated as mediums towards healthy lifestyle and not quick cures of anomalies. Some Mudras take three to four weeks to show its effect while some other Mudras might take up to six months.

I hope that you liked reading about the various aspects of Gyan Mudra in this article. Here’s a link to the video explaining the Step by Step Procedure of practicing Gyan Mudra which you will find useful.

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