Honey and Wellness

Honey Bee

Honey is considered one of the five elixirs in Ancient Ayurveda. The usage of naturally occurring honey dates back to several centuries. Honey’s medicinal properties of are well-known and documented across various ancient cultures. For centuries, honey has been synonymous with wellness.

Natural honey is produced by the honey-bee by way of partial digestion and regurgitation. Honey bees pick pollen from the flowers as a natural pollination process. In the process, nectar is picked up from the flowers and partially digested by the honey bee. On completion of partial digestion and regurgitation, natural honey is produced. It is then extracted from the honey-comb by driving the honey-bees away by smoking them.

The color and taste of honey depends on flora from which nectar is picked. Nectar picked from wild has different texture than one picked from farms or gardens. It also depends on the type of honey-bee picking it – whether large honey-bees or the small ones. The texture of honey varies from brownish to reddish and ranges to white in color. The reddish variety is considered the best natural honey.

We discuss here the various ways in which natural honey is beneficial for improving our health and wellness.

Natural FoodHoney-Natural Food

Honey is a delicious and healthy natural food. It is available across stores almost all around the world. Natural honey is used in various food preparations and eaten raw on many occasions.

Natural honey can be very easily stored and does not have an expiry date. At worst, it crystallizes at the bottom of the container. It can be brought back to its natural state by keeping the container in boiling water. It comes with natural preservatives and no chemical addition is required.

Pancakes topped with honey are best in taste. Variations in using honey in baked products is widely practiced. Baked rolls topped with honey are a favorite among children. Besides, the taste of honey over vanilla ice-cream is one of my favorites.

Muesli is gaining fast in popularity as a staple breakfast the world over. Muesli topped with honey is a wholesome breakfast to keep you energetic throughout the day. Top honey over bread or biscuit or your favorite croissant or just eat a spoonful raw. It is delicious sweet food in whichever way to take.

This natural food provides nutrition in the form of vitamins and is a rich anti-oxidant. Make natural honey part of your everyday diet. Reap the benevolent affects as it translates- Honey and Wellness.

Natural Therapeutic Facial

Natural Honey is therapeutic due to its anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties. This has been used externally and internally since ancient times.

The therapeutic properties makes it popular in skin treatments. Facials made of natural honey repairs the skin lesions and makes it more flexible. It is a natural substitute for glycerin and regular usage removes the age-aggravating oxidants from skin. It removes the bacteria from skin and makes it more healthy. Honey is a natural moisturizer and conditioner.

Natural honey is a home-cure for burns. It is the first thing to look for when any burn incidence happens. It is also used to treat skin diseases like eczema where it works to destroy the bacteria. The treatment methodology also helps to erase a “raised scar”.

Natural honey is a great therapeutic when taken internally. It heals any lesions in the guts and repairs it naturally. Thereby, gut health is naturally improved by regular consumption of honey. Natural honey is good for improving eye-sight due to its therapeutic nature.

The therapeutic properties of honey are useful for both external and internal applications. Keep a bottle of honey in your store today as it might come handy anytime. Honey and wellness are deeply related as a natural therapeutic.

Sugar SubstituteHoney-Sugar Substitute

Sweet as Honey as a popular saying. The sweetness of honey is unparalleled.

The sweetness of honey depends on the flora from where nectar is picked. Ayurveda categorizes the honey as per the color and sweetness. The most sweet variety is not the best quality and has a different medicinal effect than the mildly sour variety.

The benefits of honey as substitute of sugar is two-fold. First, as honey is much sweeter than sugar, a small quantity is required to be consumed. Secondly, honey provides other vital nutrients like vitamins which helps in absorption of nutrients better. Moreover, processing of sugar involves use of various chemicals which affects our body in the long run. Hence, it is much better to use honey as a sugar substitute.

The key relation between honey and wellness is its diuretic properties which makes it a natural substitute for sugar. Try replacing at least some of your sugar consumption with honey. This will have a positive effective on your health and well-being in the long run.

Natural Weight LossWeight Loss

Ayurveda has a substantial literature on the types of honey. They categorize honey into eight varieties!

It is written that the new bee-honey nourishes the body but is a laxative. However, the old bee-honey reduces fat and obesity. This categorization of natural honey confirms that old bee-honey is effective in reducing weight.

A spoonful of natural honey taken with a glassful of warm water with lemon is very effective in reducing weight. This should be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning. It is also recommended having spoonful of honey before a meal. This enhances the digestive power and also prevents any occurrence of acidity and flatulence.

However, never heat up honey to cook. It is poisonous when cooked. Besides, it is advised that infants up to one year of age should not be fed honey. To read more on weight loss tips click here.


Natural honey in anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and aids in absorption of other medicines. It is a valuable gift of nature. Its everyday uses varies from being a natural sweetener, therapeutic to improving digestion. Honey is used in various food preparations and is delicious to eat raw.

Make honey part of your everyday life. Do not go overboard in its consumption though. Also, take care not to get into any avoidable food combination with honey.

Do leave your opinion and experience with honey in the comment box below. Watch out this space for more articles on wellness.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us a beautiful and informative article. The main content of this article is about Honey and Wellness. It is truly remarkable that you have presented this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of knowledge about Natural honey. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Natural Weight Loss. Honey is one of my favorite foods that I eat every morning with water. Eating this honey every day has enabled me to control my weight.

    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and enjoyed it so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you give me permission.

    1. Hi Asraful,

      Thanks for your comments and for sharing your experience with us here.

      Yes,sure. Please share it in your facebook group. You can share directly from share button above.

      Best Regards,

  2. Your article is good information for me to include honey in my daily regimens for wellness and fitness.  I’m going to do as you suggest and have honey in a glass of warm lemon water in the morning.  

    I am also going to try having a spoon full of honey before main meals to see if I can get the digestive benefit you spoke of in your article.

    There’s a saying, “Too much of a good thing is a bad thing.”  QUESTION:  With the many benefits of honey, how much would be too much?  

    I’ve heard that combining honey with apple cider vinegar has health benefits.  QUESTIONs:  What are the health benefits of combining honey and apple cider vinegar?  How many parts honey to parts of apple cider vinegar to honey would be best?  Would it be better to take those mixed in water or straight in a spoon?

    Thanks in advance to your responses.  I’m dedicated to being as healthy and fit as I can be, especially during this time when so much COVID-19 going around.



    1. Hi Glenn,

      Thanks for such a comprehensive review and asking very pertinent questions.

      I have researched what is “too much” and come to the recommendation of maximum 2 tablespoons per day if you are not having any other sugar. Else, consider the sweetness of honey to be thrice of commercial sugar and adjust it accordingly.

      I am not a big fan of fermented food. But still, my research concludes that 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 2 tablespoons of honey mixed thoroughly in 8 oz. water is a good combination to drink every morning. However, my personal recommendation is to replace natural lemon instead of apple cider vinegar.

      Do let us know your experience with the above and on drinking honey with lemon in warm water every morning.

      Stay Well!!!

      Best Regards, 

  3. It’s very true that honey and wellness can go separately, I’ve read of a lot to benefits do honey to human health, in fact, it has been confirmed to be one of the most natural healthy medicine that is known in history. It’s good that you explained how it is gotten and how it can be of benefits to the human health.

    1. Thanks for your comments,

      Yes, it is true that honey and wellness go together. 

      Do let us know your experience with using honey.

      Stay Well!!!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing a great article to read to know more about honey and wellness.

    As I’m looking for some information to help me to change my diet into a healthier diet, a friend told me I should start having some honey instead other sweetness sources, so I wanted to learn why honey is recommended as a better option when someone have the need of some sweet food.

    After reading your article is clear how many benefits honey has for human health, it’s good to know how to start the day with a glass of water with honey and lemon with empty stomach and to use it to help me to lose some weight. My friend also told me whenever I have cravings of a piece of cake, it’s better idea to have half tea spoon of honey, it will help cravings of sugar to disappear and feel better.

    Thanks a lot to share also some tips on how to use honey for beauty purposes 🙂

    1. Hi Alejandra,

      Thanks for your comments and experience with honey.

      Honey is used in the face mask packs. It can be applied directly on face and left for sometime before washing. It leaves the skin supple and glowing.

      Stay Well!!!

  5. Hello, 

    This was a fascinating read.

    I never realized honey had so many benefits. 

    I’m from Scotland and I can remember my grandfarther using honey to make a hot whisky toddy to treat coughs and colds in the winter. He used hot water, whisky, honey and lemon juice. It really did seem to make a difference. I’m not sure which ingredient helped the most. 

    Best wishes, 


    1. Hi Cameron,

      Thanks for your comments and for sharing experience with honey.

      When using honey, be cautious never to boil it. Add it later once the boil is gone.Boiled honey has adverse health effects.

      Stay Well!!!

  6. This I an excellent article.  It is laid out very well and there is a good use of pictures.

    You start off by talking about Ancient Ayurveda.  This sounds like some previous group of people, or a place, but you don’t explain anything about it.  Then when you use it later it sounds like a book or an organisation.  So I think you need to explain that a little.

    You say that it is better than sugar and you can use less.  I would like to know at this part if I can use it for baking (which you can), but how much honey should I substitute for the sugar and is it ok to substitute in all baking.

    I was also very interested in the fact that it can be used for burns.  It might be useful to say how to apply it, dab it on with a cotton wool ball, or layer it on thick.

    Both tribal, but would make your article practical as well as informative.

    Overall an excellent article which I really enjoyed reading.

    1. Hi Geoff,

      Thanks for your encouraging words and ideas to make the article practical as well as informative.

      Ayurveda is the ancient medical system and extremely popular in India and now in other parts of world as well. It is actually much more than a medical system and is the recommended way of living for life free of diseases. There are many books written and available on this system which I referred to in my article.

      Honey should never be cooked! That is the key to usage of honey. Heat breaks down its properties and can have adverse effect on health. It can be added as topping over baked product. Good that you asked this question giving me an opportunity to explain this better.

      To apply on burns, pour a layer of honey on a cotton wool ball and apply directly on the burn.Wrap it with a bandage over it.

      Once again, thanks a ton for asking such relevant questions from a reader’s point of view which I had missed seeing through.

      Wish You Wellness in Life.

  7. hellooo dear, thanks alot for sharing such an amazing content with us all, i was actually doing some research online when i saw your post, i really must say you have really enlightened us alot, your top about honey is really a eye opener to many, i never knew honey is still serve as anti-bacterial, thanks alot..

    1. Thanks for your comments.

      Honey is really a wonder food with lots of health benefits. Thanks once again for reading through.

      Stay Well!!!

  8. The article about honey is really good. Everything is explained, clear and legible. We can learn a lot from this article. I especially liked the part about the possibility of losing extra pounds with honey, hot water and lemon. I also like the part about honey as a pure and natural preparation. Just one more remark, “pay special attention to people who are allergic to pollen, as well as bee stings.” It can be very dangerous. I say that as a nurse. The article is great!

    1. Thanks for your review and comments Mimi,

      And thank you for adding the word of caution for the pollen and bee sting! Really appreciate it.

      Best Regards,


  9. Hi Rohit, I have heard many good things about honey as well. Natural honey is very beneficial for the body with various ailments. However do you also advice discretion, if you have too much honey it could be damaging due to the sugar that you will be consuming. Is there not also an increased risk of diabetes from consuming too much honey?

    1. Hi Gurd, there is always a limit of what your body can absorb. Anything above it remains undigested and may cause serious issues. Exactly what happens I diabetes where body’s natural absorption power is compromised. Hence, any food should always be consumed in moderation. By the way, honey does not contain the contain the same sulfurous sugar as in normal processed sugar. 

      Great question there. Wish You All Health and Wellness in Life!

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