How do I Control Hair Loss and Simultaneously Increase Hair Growth

How do I Control Hair Loss and Simultaneously Increase Hair Growth

Hair Loss is a widespread problem among youth today. In this article, we answer the question of how to control hair loss and Simultaneously Increase Hair Growth via Yoga Mudra.

We learn about various Yoga Mudras in the earlier articles. Simple Mudras for Good Health introduced the readers to some simple Mudras like Gyan Mudra, Prana Mudra and other simple ones.

Shambhavi Mahamudra is a combination of Pranayams and Mudras. We discussed about Shambhavi Mahamudra in our previous article.

Shambhavi Mahamudra is not a simple Mudra to practice on your own. An experienced Guru is required to initiate one into this Mahamudra.

In this article, we discuss another simple Mudra- The Prasanna Mudra. I found it appropriate to discuss Prasanna Mudra here as it is the most recommended Mudra to control Hair loss.

We discuss Prasanna Mudra in detail- what it is, how to practice and the benefits out of practicing it.

How Can I Control my Rapid Hair Fall?

Hair Loss has created a huge market in modern days. The modern lifestyle full of pollution and sedentary lifestyle causes Hair loss while this has propped a whole industry offering solutions. One observes Hair loss when they keep losing hair without ever hair being re-grown.
How Can I Control my Rapid Hair Fall?

This website being dedicated to only natural means to achieve wellness, will discuss control of Hair loss via natural means only.

One of my interesting findings on controlling Hair loss has been practice of Prasanna Mudra. Hence, I went ahead to study this Mudra closely.

As we all know by now that Mudras are hand gestures and work in the principle of activating the five elements of Nature. The nerve endings in our hand and fingers connect to various elements in our body. Touching the correct nerve endings helps in activating the correct energy center in our brain.

Prasanna Mudra is based on the same principle as are all other Mudras. They activate the appropriate energy center in our brain to control Hair Loss.

Thereafter, regular practice of Prasanna Mudra is the answer to how to control Hair loss and Simultaneously Increase Hair Growth.

What is Prasanna Mudra?

Prasanna Mudra is one of the simplest Yoga Mudras which activates Hair Growth. Firstly, it controls Hair fall and simultaneously promotes Hair Growth.
What is Prasanna Mudra?

This hand gesture or Mudra is one of the easiest to practice. However, it takes patience to practice it.

Prasanna Mudra has absolutely no side effects hence can be practiced by oneself. This Mudra is an additional tool in your quest to regrow Hair.

Incidentally “Prasanna” stands for Happy in Sanskrit. Surely, this Mudra will give you happy results growing hair!

Off course, Prasanna Mudra is of no use when Hair Growth has completely stopped and one has gone bald. Timely intervention when starting to experience Hair fall is the Benefit one can derive from this Mudra.

Also, this Mudra can be done anytime. There is no excuse of shortage of time with this Mudra. One can practice it even when sitting in a meeting, however intense that might be!

How to do Prasannna Mudra?

Prasanna Mudra is practiced with nails of both hands rubbing each other. All five fingers of both hands must rub with each other. This activates the Hair follicles on our scalp to control hair loss.
How to do Prasannna Mudra?

We Know by now that Mudras must be practiced by both hands. The pressure points on the left-hand effects the right side of the body and vice versa. Prasanna Mudra is designed itself to be practiced by both hands.

This Mudra can be practiced anywhere and anytime. It can be practiced in seated, lying down or even while walking. You just have to put fingers of both hands to work.

Prasanna Mudra should be practiced for ten minutes in various sessions throughout the day. You must practice this Mudra whenever you can find some time!

One of most interesting things to do while whiling away time is to practice Prasanna Mudra!

Which Mudra is Best for Hair Growth?

Prasanna Mudra is the best Mudra for Hair Growth. Besides Prasanna Mudra, Varun Mudra helps to retain moisture in scalp and prevents hair fall.

Yoga Gurus first and foremost answer for Hair Growth problems is to practice Prasanna Mudra.

However, always remember that Prasanna Mudra alone cannot help in Hair Growth by itself. Balayam important to keep dandruff away and provide proper nutrition besides practicing this Mudra to ensure Hair Growth.

The word of advice here is not to treat Prasanna Mudra a magic. Rather, treat it as a potent tool to kick-start hair growth when favorable conditions exists.

What is Balayam Yoga?

Balayam Yoga is done by rubbing nails of both hands together. Balayam another name of Prasanna Mudra. It helps in controlling Hair fall and instigators hair Growth.

Balayam just another name in popular parlance. So, whenever you hear Balayam Yoga, relate it to Prasanna Mudra discussed here.

As “Prasanna” stands for Happy but “Bal” in Balayam stands for Hair in Hindi!

So How do I Control Hair Loss and Simultaneously Increase Hair Growth?

Concerns about thinning Hair line is ever growing. The pollutants in the air and the stressful lifestyle are prime reasons on Hair fall and ultimately Hair loss. Prasanna Mudra is one activity which helps in controlling Hair loss and Simultaneously increases Hair Growth.

Dry scalp and under-nourishment of hair follicles causes Hair loss. Keeping them in control also controls Hair Growth. Prasanna Mudra is a potent tool to instigate hair growth with given favorable conditions.

Prasanna Mudra is practiced with nails of both hands rubbing against each other. This should be done for five to ten minutes in each session. Several sessions must be done practicing this Mudra.

This is an anytime, anywhere Mudra. It can be practiced in any position- sitting, lying down or even while doing any activity when your both hands are free.

Prasanna Mudra can be done anytime during the day. There is absolutely no restrictions to it.

Undoubtedly, Prasanna Mudra is the best Mudra for Hair. Practicing Varun Mudra along with Prasanna Mudra helps further in Hair Growth.

Balayam Yoga is the same as Prasanna Mudra and differs only in nomenclature.

Here’s a video link to understand Prasanna Mudra visually. This will complete your learning of this Mudra.

I am sure that you must have liked reading about this potent tool to control hair fall and adopt it in your daily life.

Do leave your comments in the comment box below and share this article with people suffering from hair fall.

Thank You for reading.

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