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Lose Weight

Yoga is the Ancient Indian System of Life. It is not only about few exercises but to attain a holistic attainment in terms of body strength, flexibility and wellness. Besides, Yoga which more popular as a set of exercises, it also encompasses meditation and spirituality. This all-encompassing nature helps one to lose weight with Yoga at home.

The exercises prescribed in Yoga has certain set of rules to practice. The need of maintaining the right mind-set is of prime importance in Yoga. Positive mindset ensures that you are dedicated to life and the life-forces. This helps one keep away from stress at all times. A Yogic practitioner appreciates nature and the life forces. It is believed that we are supported by your surroundings and can achieve wellness by keeping in sync with it.

With this all-encompassing nature of Yoga, we discuss how we can incorporate it in our daily lives to lose weight or rather optimize our weight. The benefits we achieve is sustainable for a long time and contributes to our overall wellness.

Meditation for Positive AttitudeMeditation

The power of our sub-conscious mind is immense. We become what our sub-conscious mind directs us to be. Controlling our mind has been an enigma ever since Human race became civilized. Yoga Preachers understood this aspect very well and have always preferred controlling the mind over controlling our body. They knew that our body can be controlled if our mind is in control- however difficult it is to control our mind.

Meditation is a technique to control our mind. Meditation means to focus on something. This focus can be on any external object, body function or our thoughts. Everyday Yoga recommends to focus on our breathing. This is one of the simplest thing to practice yet effective. There are breathing exercises recommended which is slow breathing to fast breathing. Mediation works best in slow breathing – feeling your breath all the way up to your navel and then exhaling.

Being in a positive frame of mind works wonder for your health and wellness. You would have often observed that you gain weight when you are stressed out. Off course, being stressed out also means that your are not being able to concentrate on eating good food or physical activities.

Sync with Nature to Achieve WellnessBanyan Tree

Nature is the best one to rejuvenate. That is the underlying belief of Yoga. Therefore, being in sync with Nature is the recommended way to lose weight with Yoga at home.

The setting of performing Yoga is of prime importance. One should perform Yoga in breathable space with ample amount of sunlight. The role of Sun is quite pronounced in some Yoga poses like Suryanamaskar. Here, the Sun-Rays must touch one’s solar plexus for maximum benefits.

Most of the Yoga poses are derived from Nature. The Vrikshasan is the Tree Pose and practiced with the intent of stabilizing Mind and Body – like a tree. Matsya one’s is the Pose of a Fish which makes one’s muscles and bones flexible like a fish. Mayurasana is the Peacock Pose which is practiced with the intent of making your pose elegant like a peacock.

All the Yoga postures are derived from observing nature – the flora and fauna around us. Therefore, practicing Yoga makes one sync with nature. Performing Yoga exercises ensures optimization of body weight and enhancing flexibility of muscles and bones.

Eat Food WiselyHappy Eating

It is believed that you can benefit from Yoga only with the right mind-set. This is true when taking food. Food eaten with a heavy heart is sure to disturb your wellness.

Hence, it is of extreme importance to enjoy your food – however simple it may be. It should be eaten as a gift of nature. The idea is enjoying your food is to satiate both the Mind and Body with it. If the Mind remains un-satiated, it can cause adverse affects of health. Food should always be taken with gratitude. That throws light on why most of the religions of the world insist on a prayer before having food.

A wholesome food will fail to show its benefits if not eaten in positive mood. Therefore, always make sure that you leave away your worries when having food.

Simple Yoga Exercises for Weight LossSimple Yoga

Yoga prescribes a number of natural poses aiming at strengthening muscles and imparting flexibility to muscles and bones. Some of them look crazy when performed. But, Yoga is not about only near to impossible poses. Also, one should take care when performing these difficult poses as they may cause permanent damage if performed by a newbie.

I, therefore, recommend some easy Yoga Exercises for weight loss:

Suryanamasakar is my favorite for achieving good form and losing weight. It is a simple exercise with strengthens muscles, imparts flexibility to bones and at the same time is a mild cardio. It is best to perform this exercise in the morning. As highlighted earlier, it is of prime importance to perform this exercise in the right setting.

Butterfly is the simplest of the Yoga exercise which can be practiced anytime and anywhere. It is a simple stretch exercise which stretches the thigh and back muscles.

The Japanese Pose is another of the simple Yoga exercise which is extremely easy to perform. It affects the thigh muscles and the back muscles making them lose fat and thereby weight.

The Mill Churning Pose is another great anytime Yoga exercises to lose weight specially in women. It effects the fat aggregating areas of thighs and back and helps in naturally lose weight.

Besides, various fast breathing exercises recommended in Yoga helps in removal of tummy fat quickly. You soon observe getting back in form and losing extra weight quickly.

The above are some easiest Yoga exercises to be performed for losing extra weight.


Yoga is a great solution for all looking to shed that extra fat. A slim body reflects health and wellness. However, it all begins with a positive frame of mind. Thereafter, Yoga has solutions ranging from meditation to simple stretch exercises to help you lose weight.

Do read through and practice for losing weight. Please leave your comments in the comment box below sharing your opinion and experience on the subject.

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