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Corporate Millennial today are very stressed out. An undisciplined lifestyle while coping with new realities every day causes a number of health problems. This coupled with lack of active physical activities lead to weight gain, hypertension and what not. At some point, this starts affecting the general well-being of the millennial.

My Wellness Solutions arise out of what I have gone through in my corporate life besides what I saw happening with my colleagues. Active sportsmen in their college -days walked around with pot-belly after a few years in corporate life. The pot-belly was an indicator that quite few things are not right with the person.

I have thereby got down to writing a few pointers, which if taken care of will lead to Lifestime Wellness for the Millennial.

A Life of Freedom

Who does not want a life free of shackles? Shackles of health and everyday worry. Although, we are human beings injected into this world of suffering. However suffering stems from our own mind and how we perceive these sufferings. That is where our Emotional Intelligence creeps in. Being emotionally weak is a low resistance against bearing sufferings. I will stop here before sounding like a Spiritual Guru.

My Wellness solutions includes as attempt to live a life of freedom. Freedom from worries of health, relationships and money. Though worries of relationships are personal and depends on the individuals. Hence, we will keep our discussions to free ourselves from worries of health and fitness primarily and few pointers on worries of money. The idea of wellness for the millennial is being Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

Healthy Healthy

Health is the greatest asset we have. Have you imagined what havoc it would cause to you if you have spend all your earnings on medical bills? Wouldn’t even like to think about it, right?

Broadly, health can be either physical health and mental health. Mental health leads the way in keeping up a healthy body. But also, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. It is therefore important to focus on both the physical and mental fitness to be healthy.

First of all, one needs a strong resolve to keep fit. As you would know, it is the lack of resolve in general population which makes fancy gyms to offer huge discounts on annual membership fees. They know quite well that the number of drop-out will be huge. I have spent a lot on annual membership fees myself without availing even half the benefits!

But once you have resolved to keep fit, many things related to wellness will flow in. For example, if you achieve a healthy sleep pattern, you will automatically see a discipline in food intake and having a good night’s sleep. One needs to take the initial few steps and then you will be up on the path of being healthy.


My Wellness solutions includes being wealthy. Wealthy in terms having no worries regarding money. This is already a niche topic which is discussed almost everywhere on the net. We will therefore discuss in brief about this step as this is an important aspect in the overall wellness solution.

Most people are constrained in their current jobs and not satisfied with the salary they earn. This will specially be true for millennial who are only a few years into the corporate job. Here, it is important to note that this is temporary and you start getting comfortable with your salary in later years of life. It is therefore important to keep your patience and focus on building your career rather than simply earning a salary. What it means is that you need to pick up on your skills and hone it to become an expert over the years. I have always believed in investing quality time in learning things. I have invested time(and money) in developing my writing skills for example. I urge you to pick up something of your interest, work on it and make it an asset for life.

Besides your main income – be it a job or business, try developing avenues to generate passive income. There is lot of information available on what is passive income and various ways to generate it. However, choose something that is of interest to you else you will end up wasting money only. Internet has opened up lot of opportunity for generating passive income online. Do some research and see if there is something which works out for you. Also, the age-old passive income generators and either land or things lying beneath it. Think about it and work for acquiring assets early on in life which will give you recurring passive income in the future.


A key wellness solution is to become wise. By this I mean to invest time in gaining knowledge. Gaining knowledge of your surrounding is fascinating. Just try to understand the geography of the place. Once start looking around you will see a number of nature’s gifts. This infuses happiness in you. Try speaking time under a banyan tree. Feel the cool it provides and you will be mesmerized.

Expand your horizon by learning various things about your world. Read at least one book every month. Start playing music. It is not so hard. Playing musical instrument might require skill and patience but singing along does not but still fills you with joy. You can still learn about music if not play it.

The necessity of being Wise to attain wellness is that you start appreciating various aspects of life. This fills you with joy as you are able to make achievements however small. Pay attention to these aspects and you will be on the path to wellness.


I have tried to simplify my wellness solutions by appealing you to be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. I encourage you to begin practising some things highlighted in my solutions above.

Would love to hear back from you and Wish You All The Best for achieving a life full of Wellness!

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  1. Well done!

    Anytime I see articles on “wellness” it reminds me of how important it is to be healthy. After all, you can have millions of dollars and zillions of friends, but if you health fails, you can not enjoy life.

    Be well.

  2. Hi Rohit,

    i find your article very well written, and it had some great tips for wellness and wealthiness, both. 

    You have tried to simplify your wellness solutions by appealing to all to be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. I am encourage to begin practising some things highlighted in your solutions above.

    Keep writing such cool stuff. It’s good to grow and enrich our lives even more.


    1. Hi Aparna,

      That is a real cool appreciation. That will encourage me to write more of such stuff. 

      In your part, I will still look forward to your comments on how you progress along.

  3. I do believe health and wealth go hand in hand. If you have all the money in the world and you don’t have sound health your life is definitely not complete. I also do believe that good health should be our utmost priority. It is not a nice thing to be in the hospital as a lot of people have spent their life savings just to get themselves treated. Of course, no one plans to be in that position but I believe we can beat the odds by trying our best to keep fit because if you have your health you can always go after the wealth. That is just my opinion anyway as I believe that is how we need to live our lives.

    1. Thank you Manuel,

      Yes, good health is a priority and it is logical to take it that way. Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  4. This site is providing some important content. We need our health to enjoy life.
    Well done!

    I liked that you included the topic of “freedom” in the post. I think freedom, health and wellness are a common topic of most humans on the planet.

    Would you want to add more graphics?

    1. Thank You Brad,

      Adding graphic is a nice suggestion. Just didn’t want to flood it with graphics to begin with but a third person’s view is something to work upon.

  5. i must say that this is really a fantastic post you’ve got share on wellness solution, it is true that everyone really wants to be healthy at all time but show people wants to make sacrifices to stay healthy putting up such an awesome article on wellness solution is really a great and courageous move to help people make the little sacrifices they can to stay healthy… thanks a lot for sharing such an information I look forward to share it on my blog..

    1. Thanks for your comprehensive words of encouragement. Health and wellness are subjects which often take a back seat in our busy lives. The idea is  to spread the word about wellness so that more and more people become aware of it. Would love to see this posted on your blog. Thank You.

  6. I definitely believe wellness starts from within. If you are not prepared, mentally, for the wellness journey, you will inevitably fall. There is also the matter of “blame culture”. People too often blame others for their lack of health and wealth. however, once we look inside ourselves and admit where the true problem lies, that’s when healing can begin.

    1. Thanks for your comment Puneet. Yes, we need to look at ourselves to solve our health and wellness problems. Rightly said. 

      Would love to hear more from you in future.

  7. Great article about life in the fastlane and how it impacts you. You have also underlined some key reasons to failure if you want to change your lifestyle to the better. Good sleeping and eating habits are essential to succeed.

    I have always been an active person, always doing some kind of training. Every time there is something that breaks my training schedule I feel very quickly that both sleep and general wellness is impacted.

    1. Thanks for your comment Roy. It is an encouragement for me to keep writing more of such articles to motivate people into overall wellness.

  8. Hi Rohit,

    Your comment about living a life without any shackles, as far as health is concerned is very accurate. We do have the control over these circumstances. You are also right on point when you say, health is our greatest asset. I do hear that sleep is an important part of living both a good physical, and mental lifestyle. Keeping patience and focus in building your career. Wise, knowledge is definitely power. Being aware of your geography will help you to adept to the necessary circumstance’s and work with them. You have done a great job in simplifying your wellness solutions. I do feel humans have a tendency to complicate things, and this could end up being costly mentally, and physically. A great post, and I am glad I got the opportunity to read it.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your encouraging comments and spending time in reading through.

      I have tried to keep it simple by relating Wellness to being Healthy, Wealthy and Wise. 

      Keep Well.

      Best Regards,

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