Natural remedies for stress

Stress has been a normal problem for corporate millennial. Some amount of stress is necessary as it raises the adrenaline to achieve success. This is part of life. However, an increased level of stress can be detrimental to health. Long hours of work with a race to achieve targets raises stress level. An indiscipline lifestyle aggravates it and raises many ailments. A number of lifestyle diseases arise out of this enhanced stress and must be controlled to live a life of Wellness.


How can one keep stress in check naturally? There are some natural remedies for stress which we discuss in this article.

Time management

Wake up before sunrise every morning. This is one of the best natural remedies for stress. Once you have done that for a few days, your perspective about time management will change. Waking up at this hour will allow you to have time for yourself – i.e. the time when you can reflect upon your actions, goals and life as whole. We generally surrounded by the hustles of life later during the day leaving us with no time for ourselves.

Reflection when directed towards positive thinking is a great stress buster. In the “Me Hour’, you should focus on the abundance in life you are surrounded with. Basically, it is training your sub-conscious mind towards positivism.

And, it works. It worked for me and there is no doubt it will work for you too.

Besides, following this routine sets your entire day in order. Be it any work at office or on field, you will not feel desperate anytime causing unnecessary stress. You feel that you are in control which disallows stress to set in.

It is a folklore that you can achieve better results during the morning hours compared to late afternoons. May not be a proven scientific fact but have seen this working out for many of my close associates and for me – definitely. The biggest stress buster in life is to get to see few positive results and when you that happening right during beginning of the day, it helps a lot to lessen stress.

Listening to musicListening Music

Listening light music in the early hours sets you up afresh. This secret has been known for ages that music affects our mood. Besides, music should be played as per the period the day. Music in the morning should synchronize with the morning sounds- chirping of birds, hustling of tree leaves and a gently warm sunshine. Morning music must reflect this in its feel.

Soft instrumental music has a soothing effect on the nerves. Make this part of your morning regimen. Best still if you can play a musical instrument. Playing music unplugs you to be stress-free.

Body Stretch and Breathing Exercises

While sleeping your metabolism is adjusted to be slow. Body does not require much oxygen to maintain body function. This continues when you wake up and you experience a lazy morning.

Start with mild exercise or at least stretching out. This ensures acceleration of blood flow to the muscles. Walking, jogging or cycling are mild cardio exercises where the heart pumps blood at an enhanced rate. This forces the body to intake more amount of oxygen.

The other option is performing breathing exercises or Pranayama. These exercises are built around forced inhaling and completely exhaling air. One of the most popular one is breathing via one nostril while keeping the other nostril closed with your thumb and exhaling via other nostril. Then change sides. Continue with it for several cycles while keeping your eyes closed. Do this for at least ten minutes every day.

There are several variations of breathing exercise. Videos on YouTube would guide you on these exercises. The idea is to execute any one of them as a natural remedies for stress.

Power of your sub-conscious mind

The most powerful organ in human body is your mind. While awake, it encompasses only the present world. But your sub-conscious mind knows no limit and is boundless. You have everything imaginable in your sub-conscious mind. It is up to you to train your sub-conscious mind to lead a stress-free life.

The process is to imagine consciously a life full of wellness before sleep. Practice doing this for a few days and this goes into your sub-conscious mind. Once it goes into your sub-conscious mind you will see a change in yourself. Now you will let things go and won’t be stressed out over petty matters. This will naturally lead to your well-being and stress-free.

A Good SleepA Good Sleep

The best out of the natural remedies for stress is having a good sleep. Rather, developing a routine sleep pattern is a problem most of the time. Waking up late night looking at the mobile screen disturbs it fully. You thereby cannot wake up in the morning and whole body clock goes topsy-turvy.

Take up some sports or if you are a gym-lover, go for it. Work-out should be completed at least two to three hours before you hit bad. Do not hit bad on heavy stomach. Allow at least an hour and half after dinner before you hit bad. Always sleep towards your left as that allows the heart pump blood with minimum effort. Follow the saying – ” After dinner walk a mile.”


The solutions above would help you free your of the stress burden. However, these needs to be inculcated into your daily habits. In order to judge progress, keep a daily diary. Note how you feel today and how you feel every passing day. You will be surprised and happy to see how well you have come up after a few days. Remember, celebrating small successes in life is the greatest stress-buster and I encourage you personally to try this for yourself. Your wellness will become a role model for others to follow in a short span of time.

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