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One of the evident indicators of wellness is a glowing skin. It talks volumes about how our internal systems are functioning. More than external factors, it is the internal functioning which reflects on the skin. Natural skin care for glowing skin promotes wellness. A healthy skin is an indicative factor and very important to maintain specially for the millennial.

We are gifted by nature by a number of natural products helping us to achieve wellness. They are effective both to keep our internal systems healthy. Also, it works wonders when applied externally.

We discuss here some natural products which helps to tone our skin and improve its general health. They have been used since Ancient times as medicine and skin tonics. Home-based remedies for skin related conditions are incomplete without these vital products. They are a must-have in any kitchen garden or store.

These natural products contain vital nutrients which nourishes our skin. They are packed with anti-oxidants which helps in producing an age-defying effect our skin. They have wonderful effect as well when taken internally.

Aloe VeraAloe Vera

Aloe Vera is said to cure all things related to skin. Water content is up to 96% with a number of nutrients packed in it. It is a plant found most commonly in almost all kitchen gardens.

The Aloe Vera gel is the soft part entrapped in the leaves and can be seen when you cut the leaf through. It is bitter to taste but packs a number of benefits when applied externally or taken internally. It is the best natural skin care for glowing skin.

Face masks make of Aloe Vera gel moisturizes the skin without leaving it greasy. The gel nourishes the skin with vital nutrients. As a result, the skin become more flexible and young. Regular usage wipes away wrinkles. Aloe Vera is used as a medicine to cure sun tan to severe skin conditions like eczema. It is used as an immediate relief in cases of mild burn or scratches. It repairs the epithelial cells naturally without leaving high scars.

Aloe Vera has a positive effect when taken internally. The health of our digestive tract improves by its usage and it is known as a laxative. This improvement in our digestive system reflects well on our skin to leave is glowing.

Aloe Vera can be used naturally plucking the leaves from your own kitchen garden. Otherwise, a number of Aloe-vera based skin-care products are available online Try out any of these for a glowing skin.

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Honey has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This property makes it the top choice in natural skin care for glowing skin.

Natural honey comes in various varieties of texture and taste. Nectar is picked up by honey bees during pollination process. They process honey by partial digestion and regurgitation. The type of honey depends on the flora from which nectar is picked besides which type of honey-bee is picking it.

There are several discussions over which is the best variety of honey for skin. One of the variety is recommended by Ayurveda in severe skin condition of leprosy.

Honey available in the stores is good enough of skin treatment. It nourishes the skin and repairs dead cells naturally. It is used as home remedy in case of burns. The skin is moisturized quickly and it helps the epithelial cells to heal quickly. Honey is a natural therapeutic.

The anti-bacterial properties of honey makes it a good choice in any skin wash. The benefits of honey can be reaped through external as well as internal application. It works well to enhance gut health thereby reflecting it on our skin.

Try making honey part of your diet today for a glowing skin and as a home cure for burns and scratches.

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The main constituent of turmeric is curcumin. Part of the Ginger Family, Turmeric is a plant whose usage as an anti-inflammatory medicine has been known since ancient times. It’s therapeutic and anti-oxidant properties makes it a natural choice as skin care for glowing skin.

Turmeric has been used traditionally in Persia and the Indian sub-continent for good health of skin. It is applied externally on the skin in all parts of the body during wedding ceremony. This is done with the belief of maintaining lifelong good health.

It is also part of commercially available face packs. Face masks can easily be prepared at home using turmeric. It hinders the formation of free-radicals and hence helps in toning the skin.

Turmeric is also known for its soothing effect. It works well when applied on burns mixed in cold yogurt.

Make turmeric a must-have in your kitchen store. Aloe Vera has a number of beneficial effect and comes handy to generally improve the skin health.

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Garlic is a wonder food and its medicinal properties have been known since Ancient times. It is a known blood thinner besides being anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic. These properties of garlic makes it a natural choice in skin treatments.

The usage of garlic is more internal than external due to its foul-smell. It is difficult to take it internally but the best way is to cut the cloves between your teeth slightly and then swallow it with a glass of water. Obviously, it’s popularity is not in external application and it is never used in any face-masks. However, applying it on fungal-infested skin provides quick relief. It is a known remedy in cases of fungal infections like ringworm when applied as paste in the folds of skin.

Garlic owes is properties to Allicin which is a strong anti-oxidant. Regular consumption of garlic removes the damage-causing free radicals from our skin and makes it glow with radiance. Make garlic part of your daily diet to see its healthy effect on skin.

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Our skin is the screen of our body’s health inside. Any health issue reflects on our skin. These health issues might be induced by external factors but it is most commonly dictated by internal body functions.

Nature has provided us resources in plentitude to upkeep our health and wellness. Few natural medicines and tonic have been discussed here. They provide a healthy glow to our skins if applied externally or taken internally.

I encourage you to share your thoughts on usage of these natural food for skin care. Please leave your comments in the comment box below.

6 Replies to “Natural Skin Care for Glowing Skin”

  1. Aloe Vera, honey,  garlic, and turmeric seem to be good for everything for optimal health. I use Aloe a lot in my hair as a treatment, but I now see that I could benefit by using it on my skin. I am also just discovering the value of honey from this article. The smell of garlic is so strong but I am going to add it to some of my treatments. I have had turmeric on occasions . If I get the capsules, I could add it to my supplements because it would be easy to consume. Thanks for information on the big four.

  2. Thank you for explaining about natural skin care for the glowing skin. I personally use a soothing gel containing aloe vera, and my skin has been glowing more a bit. I never thought that Garlic will be useful for finer skin. Do you know some brands with garlic as main ingredient for their body lotion or moisturizer? Thanks for your information.

    1. Thanks for your comments,

      Garlic is almost never used externally due to its foul odour. At least I do not know any lotion or moisturizer with garlic as base. 

      Howver, it have beneficial effects on skin when taken internally.

      Stay Well!!!

  3. Hi Rohit,

    I am so much in agreement with you when you say we are gifted by nature to keep our internal systems working well, and they can be also used externally for similar benefits. I have been aware of the benefits of aloe-vera for treatment of cuts, and bruises, also used for glowing skin. I was not aware of the benefits of honey as a natural therapeutic. I thought turmeric was only good to be taken internally, and had no idea that it also tones up the skin. The use of garlic for fungal-infested skin to provide quick relief is also new to me. I think every household should have these natural remedies available to them at all times. I thank you for sharing this great information in a well organized fashion.

    Best wishes,


    1. Hi Michael,

      Thanks for your comments and for sharing your experience with the usage of aloe-vera.

      Stay Well!!!

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