Natural ways improve digestion

Improper DigestionDigestion is the pillar of health. A good digestion leads to a healthy body and mind. The natural ways improve digestion and has been a topic on interest for ages. It has not lot relevance in the modern world but ignorance has indeed crept in. It is thus important to highlight the natural ways which helps in improving digestion.

Enrich your senses

Digestion is a reflection of a good metabolism. The gastric juices need to work efficiently and a good metabolism ensures that. Our brain is the control center of metabolism in the body. Our mind is the operating system which operates this control center. Hence, it is important to keep our Minds in good company. This is the first principle of how natural ways improve digestion.

Our five sense organs – seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing and feeling are radars to detect the environment we live in. They are the information feeders to our brains. Thereafter, this information is processed to adjust our body’s internal functioning. If you are seeing a panoramic view, smelling good air, tasting good food, hearing melodious songs and feeling rosy flowers, it will contribute to your overall well-being. Your mind will be exalted by these senses. Naturally, your body functions will work in the most optimal manner.

However, we cannot find perfect setting for our senses and definitely not at all times. We can still strive to achieve them wherever we can. Like I highlighted in an earlier article, early mornings provide a great opportunity to enrich your senses. Do not waste this great opportunity by sleeping through the morning.

Natural foodNatural Food

Nature has bestowed us with innumerable resources for our well-being. Natural ways improve digestion via natural food. The natural food is always balanced and digestible by our body. Human body is constructed in a way to process things natural. Processed food is man-made and contains manufactured chemical ingredients. This is not balanced for processing by our body and most of the time rejected without adding any nutrient value.

Many discussions are ongoing regarding what is good food. There is Vegan Diets, Vegetarian Diets, Ketonic Diets etc. There are opinions supporting them as well as word against it. I personally support the type of diet which our forefathers had. Remember that our forefathers came from agrarian families or were shepherds or fishermen. Now you can easily imagine the type of food I am talking about. They found their food in their natural surroundings, either having them raw or quickly prepared over fire.

Barbecued food and food cooked in earthenware are some of the best staple food we can have. This coupled with the raw food in the form of various herbs and fruits are food we must be having in our everyday lifestyle. This will bring us close to nature. It is said that you become the food you have. Rightly said as these natural food make your metabolism in sync with nature and thereby improving digestion.

AirFresh Air

The biggest hurdles in today’s industrialized world for a maintaining good health is air quality. Air pollution makes as inhale a lot of toxic inorganic chemicals which are not natural. SO2, NO2 along with many other toxic substances creates havoc in our body system.

Natural ways improve digestion where we breathe fresh air free of these toxic substances. Our metabolism is suited to intake of oxygen in air adjusted to a certain proportion. Tweaking in air composition caused our body to attempt adjustment which is not natural. Thereby, our metabolism decreases reducing the power to digest nutrients.

We long for fresh air and often desire to live in a rural surrounding – far away from the maddening Metros. Clean fresh air is the outcome of profuse tree plantation like in forests. They are natural cleaners of air and ensure that our intake of oxygen is balanced.

However, the easiest way to obtain fresh air in our times living in urban centers is to take a morning stroll in the park. Better still if there is a forest around. Obvious benefits would occur with improvement in digestion if we are conscious of what air we breathe in. We will begin appreciating nature better and it will become our responsibility to take care wherever we can – planting trees in our own backyard, cutting down on fossil fuel electricity etc.

WaterWater Well

Effect of water is much more significant on our body than anything else. A majority of our body is made up of water and any dis balance has a profound effect on our inner functioning. Water itself is a micro nutrient as it contains essential elements necessary for our body in micro proportions.

Flowing water from rivers, a natural spring or deep underground water from wells are all natural sources of water. Water pollution has caused many rivers in this world to be polluted and unfit for drinking. I would still advocate drinking water from well which is naturally suited to our bodies. It is set at a temperature which is pleasant to drink and filled with micronutrients which is essential for our body.

Natural drinking water has moved much further from us in the last few decades. Fast urbanization has depleted water resources and there have been attempts to keep the supply up and running. However, we see less and less of natural drinking water as depletion in resources coupled with demand for large supplies has made drinking treated water a norm.

We can do our bit in conserving water understanding where we are in terms in depletion of natural resources. Stop wastage of water and use only what is required. Install devices in your homes or surroundings which helps in wastage of water.


It would be great if majority of us are conscious on how natural ways improve digestion. We will care more for our nature when we know that it is the only means to support us. Nature prevents many lifestyle diseases by itself.

I encourage you to make every attempt to make people conscious about our natural resources. Every attempt will count and our future generations will definitely reap the benefit. This will be the greatest gift we can pass over to our children.

Please do let me know your views and how you intend to spread the word on this subject.

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  1. What we put in our bodies is crucial to our well being and health. The foods we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink are all important factors that will aid in digestion. Our health is our wealth so we better start taking good care of it now. 

    Thank you for this post and the thought and information you put into it. Take care and stay healthy!

    1. Thank You Dana,

      Yes indeed, food, water and air are crucial to our well-being. You are welcome!

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Drinking Water Right WayYou read it right! There are proven natural ways to improve digestion. Some of them had been practiced in the past but lost in the modern world. I am going to discuss some of the proven ways which I have tried several times with success. None of the methods below have been captured from text-books from medicine but word-of-mouth over several generations. So it is not too complicated to follow and execute in our daily lives.

Discipline of drinking water

Natural ways improve digestion via discipline. Here it is important to understand how our natural digestion system works. Digestion is a chemical reaction where strong acids in our guts breaks it down into usable media. Thereafter it is carried to various body parts via blood.

Water is a great diluting agent. Intake of water dilutes the acids in our guts. Hence, it is important to understand when one should intake water. Drinking water during and immediately after having food is completely disastrous. You can feel discomfort specially after drinking water after having complex protein like meat. Ideally, avoid drinking water at least 45 minutes after having food. This will work wonders in improving your digestion.

Besides, water should be poured into the mouth. If you observe closely, people with belly fat and indigestion problems have this habit. Be conscious to drink water by sipping. While drinking water, make sure it carries your saliva into the gut. This is due to the fact that the best digestive juice available in nature is your own saliva. Use it to your best advantage. I would recommend to drink water by a cup of glass.

Follow the nature clock

Our body is deeply governed by the natural clock. The various phases of day are best suited for various actions of the body. Be it waking up in the morning, working during daytime or resting at nights. Again natural ways improve digestion by following the nature clock.

Let us discuss how this translates into how our digestive system works.

Digestive juices are ebullient in the morning and work best at that time of the day. Therefore, it is a practice in most traditional households to eat breakfast full stomach. This will provide energy for the entire day as the digestion will be good. Followers of Ayurveda recommend having your largest meal within the first three hours after you wake up. This will be a long-lasting effect on your digestive system.

Other common habit observed in people with poor digestion is late night dinner. Remember that the digestive juices are most energetic when the sun is shining – in other words during daytime. First of all, it is not recommended having any meals after evening. However, due to long hours in corporate world and elsewhere this is not practically possible. So what should be done?

A simple solution is to have your last meal at least two hours before hitting bed. And no mid-night snacks at all. Attempt changing your habits. Health and wellness will follow you.

Listen to your body

People are so lost in their normal business day that they miss listening to their body. The body sends subtle signals and it is up to us to listen and pay heed to it.

Have you ever felt sleepy after having meal?

It is natural phenomena to feel sleepy after the meal. Our guts draw blood from all over the body to break down the nutrients for use. This pull of blood is from our brains as well resulting in lack of oxygen there. We yawn when feeling sleepy due to this phenomena. Our body forcibly tries to draw oxygen to compensate for the loss.

So what should we do if we feel sleepy after a meal?

Look at the Japanese workers who incorporate a twenty-minute rest after meals. “Siesta” is a term of post-lunch rest and practiced in many countries. It is best to listen to your body and take a nap for twenty minutes wherever you are allowing your guts to do what they are supposed to do. Denying permission is going to reflect in poor health some day.

Food for improving digestion

There are a good deal of food improving digestion. I will only discuss those that I have used or are being used in my household.

The top one is fennel seed. It is common in Indian households to treat small kids with fennel seed water in case of indigestion. This is commonly used as after-food mouth fresheners and almost all Indian restaurants will serve it.

Another super digestive food is Ajwain or Carom Seeds. You can intake it directly for immediate relief in indigestion. In case of small babies, a massage of oil with ajwain seeds provided immediate relief.

Super digestive food is Betel Leaves. It is served as an after-food mouth freshener in India. It has a unique taste but works wonder in digesting on a heavy stomach.

Besides, there are other organic and inorganic preparations to improve digestion. However, the above for food items are proven ones to do so.


Above are only some of the factors in which natural ways improve digestion. Remember that our stomach is the energy store-house which runs the entire body. It needs to be allowed to function properly to keep us healthy and with glowing skin. I encourage you to start incorporating them into your daily lives.

Do leave your comments in the comment box below if you found the article interesting.

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