Neem Benefits on Health and Wellness


One of the tall tropical tree with multiple uses of its each and every part is the Neem Tree. It grows tall with a good load of green leaves. Neem trees can be found almost everywhere in tropical places. Neem benefits on health and wellness is a fact known and practiced over several centuries.

The Neem Tree holds the cure to many tropical diseases. It’s leaves, twigs and seeds all possess medicinal properties and have been used in Ancient Medicine systems since time immemorial. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-diabetic in nature. In modern days, leaf extracts and neem oil extracted from the seeds have found their way into anti-bacterial and anti-fungal creams available in stores.

Neem has a profound effect on wellness due to its varied medicinal properties. It is bitter in taste except the flower. The flower is rarely used but still find its uses in aromatherapy. The bitter taste usually limits the heavy consumption but does not limit the medicinal benefits.

Skin CareSkincare

The prime use is skincare is the predominant neem benefits in health and wellness. Neem is used in skin treatments due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Neem leaves are used to treat boils in tropical climates and that provides great relief. It is specially used in chicken-pox when the intensity of itching is very high. Neem leaves are used to rub the boils and it is observed that the boils shrink in size using this method.

Neem is a known blood purifier. Regular intake of neem leaves extract or neem seeds extract works wonders in removing toxins from blood. This shows on the skin as a natural glow.

It is strongly recommended to use neem leaves to bathe regularly. A good deal of soap formulation nowadays contains neem leaves extract. It is beneficial to boil the leaves and leave it overnight. This water can then be mixed with more water to bathe.

Facial formulations nowadays contain neem leaves extract or neem seed extract. Neem seeds are equally potent in removing of bacteria and fungi from skin. Its natural cleansing action is what makes its usage quite popular in skin-care.

Dental CareDental Care

Neem benefits on health and wellness includes dental health. Dental health might be the most ignored subject most of the times until it hurts. By then, there is no way to retract. Hence, it is of prime importance to keep good care of dental health right from the beginning.

Neem leaves and its extract are known to remove plaque from our teeth. This is true for neem seed extracts as well. Regular usage of neem leaves or neem seeds extracts keeps plaque at bay.

The most known use of neem as a natural toothbrush specially in India. The neem twig is chewed upon and slowly rubbed over teeth and gums. It is claimed to keep both the teeth and gums clean and strong. Though this should be used with caution as the strands might be hard and can hurt the gums.

Natural InsecticideOrganic Farming

Organic Farming is growing in popularity and reach. What is organic farming? It is a farming method to use only organic materials in farming, viz, seeds, fertilizers, insecticides etc. Here, neem leaves plays an important role in providing natural insecticide. Neem leaves are collected and churned before spreading over the fields. It works to eliminate insects and pests who would otherwise destroy the crops.

Neem leaves are collected and dried as a natural mosquito repellent in tropical regions. It has a sustained effect in keeping mosquitoes and thereby many diseases at bay.

Natural Contraception

For ages, Neem has been used as a natural contraceptive. Modern day research has proven that neem leave extracts are natural spermicides. They prevent the motion of sperms almost instantly. Besides, the beauty of using such a thing is that the process is reversible! The effect does not continue when the usage is discontinued.

Natural creams are now available in the market using neem extract. These are for external applications.

However, due to this effect of neem, it is strictly prohibited for use in pregnant women. Neither intake nor any application on skin is recommended.


Neem is a wonder tree in tropical regions. It helps in removing toxins from inside our body to toxins in the environment. It is a natural pesticide aiding in organic farming. All parts of the tree – be in leaves, bark, twig or flower, which is rarely used, contain medicinal properties.

Hence, if you are living in a tropical region, look around you for Neem Tree. Utilize its medicinal properties in enhancing your health and wellness.

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6 Replies to “Neem Benefits on Health and Wellness”

  1. I have some good and some bad experiences with neem leaves, let me tell you😂.

    Whe ii was in 5th i think, i got hit with chicken pox. So yeah i was sleeping on a bed covered with neem leaves, was taking neem tea, using neem paste to reduce the urge to itch. 

    All that was a nice and soothing experience, except one thing. The tea. Even after my chicken pox was over, my mom insisted i drink neem tea everyday and hey, i was 10 years old. We dont understand that the bitter drink is actually good for your health. All we crave as kids is something sweet. If its not sweet, dont want it😂. And so yea, neem tea certainly left some scars on me. 

    1. Hi Abdul,

      Thanks for sharing your experience here. Yes, that is the great drawback of neem – it’s bitterness. That definitely drives away people from its medicinal benefits.

      Stay Well!!!

  2. Sounds like a great tree with many utility opportunities. I heard about the toothpaste from this tree but I had no idea it had contraceptive abilities too. A very interesting tree indeed. I have some questions about it I hope you can help me with. What products can you find online that contain Neem? How exactly is Neem cleansing toxins from our bodies? Is it an ayurvedic product? Can you use it in cooking? And where can you buy Neem?

    1. Hi Hilde,

      Thanks for your comments and questions you have on this subject.

      Neem is available in the form of capsules, face wash, bathing soap, facial kit, organic pesticide for home gardening in online stores. I am including a link here for if you are interested to buy online.

      Gedunine, a active compound in Neem is responsible for the quinine-line blood purifying actions of Neem. This active compound, a limonoid, removes toxins from blood. This is an explanation from the medical research journal on the mechanism of removing toxins by Neem.

      Ayurvedic product? That gives me an idea to write my next article on Ayurveda as I see this needs a better explanation. However,a short reply to your question right now is that this is a natural product – The tree grows almost everywhere in the tropical regions and one can just pluck the leaves or break a twig for use. 

      The taste is bitter. It is generally not used in cooking. However, Neem leaves can be soaked in water overnight and the water can be used for drinking. Another way is to prepare Neem tea which I learn is quite popular in Africa and known to treat malaria.

      Great Questions!!!

      Thanks a lot for asking. Do ask if you have anything more. I will be happy to answer them all.

      Do watch out this space for more articles on wellness.

      Stay Well!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing this informative article. I was aware of the benefits of Neem on teeth hygiene and that’s why I was searching for further information. You mention about a Neem twig, however I haven’t come across this in the U.K. Is this available or would I have to use a toothpaste with Neem in it? Also, I was just a bit curious about whether people may be allergic to Neem, is this likely and do you think a test would be wise before deciding to use it? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Ray,

      I don’t think neem twig is available in stores in UK though I came to know that it is available in some stores in US. I think better way is to use a toothpaste with neem in it. But hold on, it is available on Amazon and I am including the link here for ease. 

      The first throwaway regarding neem is its bitter taste. So that is biggest allergy regarding neem. Otherwise, I have not known any other allergy related to neem.

      Thanks for sharing your experience and asking questions.

      Stay Well!!!.

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