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Are you stressed out? Do you feel depressed to see your life gong nowhere? You get irritated on extremely trivial matters?

This is the story of many working millennial and don’t think you are alone in this. This problem is not restricted to any age, creed or geography. A number of people have to do which they normally don’t like to do. But, you need to earn a living and look after your family and yourself. It is extremely difficult to live life without a paycheck.

But, step back and think. What are the hurdles to picking up your passion and working on it. Most of the time it is procrastination. You will give me different reasons and some of them would be valid ones but the top-most reason for not picking up something you like to do is procrastination. I can shout this out as this was the case with me.

Today if you are ready to shake off lethargy and pick up your passion, the below article will serve as a guide to people who have difficulty identifying their passion.

Relive Your ChildhoodPaper Boat

The best days in your life are spent in childhood for most of us. At least the working millennial will conform this. You are under the watchful eyes of your parents and siblings. You are protected from the outside world from all sides. External dangers are always kept away from you.

It is the time when your world is without fear, the head is held high and knowledge is free. This situation is ideal for being at the top of your imagination. You did not do a perfect job then as you did not have requisite skills to do. This is quite logical at that age as you were not fully prepared to learn the skills.

As you grew older, you picked up on lot of skills but then imagination took a back seat. Do you remember any of those things which you enjoyed doing but have not done that for ages now. However, you would love to do it even if you have to steal some time in your life?

I remember that I wished to be a writer and wanted to publish a book when I was young. However, it ended up in few pages torn up as I was never satisfied with it. I did not have any hold of grammar or sentence structuring neither did I know how to word for people to read. I picked up the tricks of trade along the way but did not restart writing for a long time. Then one day my son asked me if he could be writer! It brought me back to my childhood and I restarted writing. And, it was a pleasure doing that. I could always steal sometime off my busy schedule to do what I liked to do.

You have your passion hidden in your childhood. Now you have various avenues to hone it and continue with what you dream in your childhood. That way you go back to the best phase in life once again filling you with joy. Once you are joyful, you start enjoying life and work towards your wellness.

Look Around Your SurroundingsNature

Your own surroundings are a great place to pick your passion. Nature can be a great motivation to begin. Many things associated with nature have been picked up as passion and people have actually made a career out of it. Nature photography, growing herbal medicines, star gazing, different kinds of aroma, bird-watching etc are all inspired by nature. If somebody is doing it, he/she is surely passionate about it.

Helping the elderly or people on the streets are great community work to be picked up. People find great satisfaction in helping others. There are ways and means to do it once you pick up a passion.

Observe closely and you would surely find something to pick as your passion. And working on it will fill you with joy.

Memories to Cherish

You would surely have a few cherished memories. These come in handy when you feel distressed out. They might have gathered these memories in your growing years or even in your corporate life. You might have felt a certain pleasure in doing something or getting sometime thing in a certain way.

You would have some cherished memories in relationship. Or a pet might have given you a moment of pleasure.

Try remembering how that event led you to joy. You will certainly find something which you love to do constantly. This is your passion.

Take the Challenge

Once you pick your passion, work towards acquiring the necessary skill-sets. You might like to do analytical things but deep delve into it and learn a skill related to what you love doing. For analytical minds, learning coding would surely be a fun thing to do.

Similarly if your interest is music, music recording and editing would be great fun stuff.

The challenge is to leave procrastination behind and take the first steps. When you choose a skill arising out of your passion, learning is automated. You do things as you love doing things without worrying about anything else.


People often stumble upon picking their passions by procrastinating. Leaving your lethargy behind is a big challenge. Therefore, the first steps you take in this direction are the most important ones.

I wrote this post as a joyful life is often full of wellness. Your wellness is rooted in the brain. Filling with joy works best on your body and mind. I will be most happy to see more and more happy millennial working on their field of passion. The world surely be a much better place to live in if at least a few people are effected by this post.

Do share your passion in the comment box below. I encourage you to subscribe below so that we will be enriched by your valuable experience in this field. Keep returning to this site to tell us how picking up a passion impacted your life.

14 Replies to “Pick your Passion – Be Joyful, Achieve Wellness”

  1. I think we are all experienced depress or stressed out at some point in our lives. Life is just hard period. We are also an emotional beings so we do feel down from time to time. The most important thing is to be aware of how you feel and find the cause of it and fix it. It is funny that when were were young we wanted to grow up so bad, now I just want to reverse the time and get back to being a kid again lol. I think setting goals for your life will make you happier. It is like you have a purpose. Once you set your goals you can work on a short term goals to real that goal. Also, appreciate what you have and do something nice for yourself and other (like give a compliment) will fulfill your day and make you happier. 

    1. Thanks for your comments, Rightly said that you set a goal and work on short term goals along the way to achieve.

      Thanks once again.

  2. Nice article, i think this is what i really need to see right now, as a grown up it is never easy, life is not easy, every body has his or her own challenges, even the rich and famous do, we are human so sometimes we can’t help but feel sad or angry with the events happening around us, but it is always up to us do find happiness and be happy, like you said pick up your passion, i will share because i feel some people needs to see this….thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for your encouraging comments and a big Thank You for sharing. I fully believe the word needs to spread where people can find more joy and achieve wellness. That will help us to build a better society for tomorrow.

  3. Thanks for this article, when reading the first few questions, they really hit me, they are what I be thoughting most the time. I never realised how imagination just disappears and it’s a shame because I think if we still had that in us we would probably get a lot done. I have many passions but laziness takes hold of most of them which I wish to conquer and not give up on dreams. Thanks for the info made me realise a lot of things.

    1. Hi Sariyah,

      Thanks for sharing your opinion here. Yes, it is a big challenge to keep your imagination alive in everyday hustles of life. There, we need to step back and thing what is important for us where do we intend to go?

  4. This is a great article on picking your passion,  be joyful, and achieve wellness. It is very true that a confused life leads to so much stress which affects our health. This article will help give a direction to a solution for our millennials.

    The best way to overcome all the stress in life is to travel light on the journey of life. Do not carry too much baggage by living based on the expectation of others.

    We are all different and it is good to set personal goals based on things we love to do and focus on those passions that we love. As we travel in life with purpose, it is good to enjoy the trip and not just waiting for the time we get to the destination before we celebrate. There is really no destination because life is a journey; enjoy the trip.

    1. Hi Joseph,

      Thanks for your comment and fully agree that life is journey, enjoy the trip.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject once again.

  5. Procrastination is definitely a big issue when it comes to finding/running with your passion, I completely agree and as you enter the 9 to 5 world, yes, your imagination does tend to take a back seat. I’m so glad that your son brought you back to writing, I loved reading that, it just goes to show that we need to take a step back sometimes and go back to our childhood dreams 🙂 Personally, my passion is helping others and I have been doing this in many forms over the years. I have worked for a mobility company, worked for disabled summer camps, helped people and businesses with their IT, and now, I use my experience to coach and mentor others. Going back to our childhood has encouraged me to make sure I include that whilst helping others with their issues.

    1. Hi Chrystopher,

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experience here. I congratulate you on following what you like to do. Accept that as a blessing. I know there are many people out there who don’t really get this opportunity. And you would definitely have an inner satisfaction in what you more important than making money. Loved to read about your experience.

  6. Hey Rohit

    First of all, this is a very well written post. It uses simple language that’s easy to follow and exceptional emotive language as well. You took me back to my childhood, to my innocent days, days when life made sense because everything was so easy.

    I am a bit emotional typing this comment because you’ve touched some deep memories and emotions.

    I am on a journey towards living my dream. My frustration stage of hating my job and wanting to quit has passed because I’ve stopped procrastinating and have finally put my boss on notice of my departure.

    This is an extremely difficult decision to make and to stick to because I’m supporting my wife and my parents but I truly feel I can do that even better by writing. Yes, I also dreamt of becoming a writer when I was younger like yourself. It’s not too late for you to write that book if you don’t me saying. Just go for it!

    A delightful read. Thank you.

    Solomon & Selina

    1. Hi Solomon and Selina,

      Thank you to read through and sharing your experience here. Memories of childhood does evoke an emotional feeling.

      Good luck to you in your writing career. I will surely take your word for writing a book!

      Stay Well!!!

  7. Great article Rohit! This is something we all can very easily relate to. The things that we wished to do in our childhood is very close to our heart but as we grow up and pick new knowledge, challenges, and most importantly distractions we tend to lose sight of it. With all the challenges in our life it seems fair to focus on them first. But, then again we never do what we dreamed of and find ourselves stuck in a rat race.

    And as you said, what it takes to get out of that rat race? Just a bit of self-motivation and will to overcome our habit of procrastination. If you want to achieve start today and keep doing it.

    Keep writing such motivating content.

    Best Wishes,


    1. Hi Vinayak,

      Thanks for your encouraging words. You have observed rightly that it only some self-motivation which can help us overcome our habit of procrastination. I have written this article to be a catalyst initiating that self-motivation.

      I hope and believe that many more people would be self-motivated via my articles and our discussions to achieve wellness in life.

      Stay Well!!!

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