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Water is the most essential element in our body where a majority of our constituent is water. It helps in our normal body functioning besides providing micro-nutrients which are so much necessary for our normal body functioning. Natural resources of water are the best ones for our overall health and wellness.

Today we face a huge crisis of water – magnanimous in some areas while potentially disastrous in others. There are ways and means where we can contribute to conserve water for our future generations. In the face of it, there are some recommendations from our Ancient texts on the ways and means to utilize drinking water. Save water facts to best utilize them and live a life of wellness.

Storage ShapeSpherical Rain Drop

Have you ever observed the ways in which we store water in our homes? Most of the times we pour directly from a RO machine in our glasses to drink. At other times, it is stored in bottles.

The surface tension or the wall tension of any substance is highest in a spherical form. Water droplets are therefore spherical shape during rainfall. This fact was closely observed and documented by our forefathers. They understood the benefits of drinking water with least surface tension and related it to its storage at home. Remember that a spherical droplet will let any impurity to float over it and not absorb it as it is already at the tension is already at the highest end of the spectrum.

Much before we had drinking water running through ROs at home, it was stored in containers. They were made of metals or in most home of earthenware. Do you now see why they used to resemble an onion bulb? The science behind it was the same to keep the water pure-free of impurities due to high surface tension given its shape.

Also, water stored in earthenware were cold enough but not chilled to drink. This satiated thirst without harming the throat. Nowadays, water stored in fridge causes sore throat problems instantly. Chilled water reduces the effectiveness of gastric juices and does not allow it to function as intended. However, drinking water’s temperature is maintained via natural evaporation process of the outside walls without need of any energy or harmful ozone-depleting gases. Though proper care should be taken to clean the earthenware so that no contamination carries from the clay used for construction.

In our backyard again, it is best to drink water from a storage resembling a circular shape. The water well or a pond in our backyard are termed as the best natural sources to draw drinking water.

An eye-opener? Save water fact and do leave your comment if it makes sense to you in the comment box below.

Types of Household Storage for Drinking WaterEarthenware Water Pot

Only cold water can satiate the thirst in warm to hot climates. As explained above, earthenware storage pots cools water by evaporation on its external surface. It is the same principle by which our room cooler works. However, this cooling takes time and is just sufficient to cool water inside to our satiation level. Earthenware water pots will never chill water and hence there will never be an issue of sore throat by drinking this water in warm or hot climates.

Copperware is a metallic pot which is used for water storage in climates which are relatively cooler. Copper is not easily digestible by our body and requires only a small proportion to show its natural health benefits. It is claimed to be a strong anti-oxidant and related health benefits can be availed by drinking water stored in copperware.

Of all the exotic elements, gold provides great warmth to our body. However, it is practically not possible to store drinking water is vessels made of gold. Here, the solution is to introduce a small nugget or coin of gold in storage water vessel. This water is sufficient to provide warmth to our body in cold climates naturally.

Drinking Water TimingsButtermilk

Besides storage of drinking water, it is of utmost important to understand when we should be drinking water. Our gastric juices are strong acids and need to be so when digesting food. Drinking water just before or after a meal dilutes this acid and lessens the effectiveness of our gastric juices. It is recommended to not drink water at least for 45 minutes after having a meal or before it.

So what should be done in case if you feel thirsty after having a meal or you are just having a dry meal?

At these times, you are free to drink lemon-water, sparkling water, buttermilk. These does not impede the digestion in our stomach. However, drinking water is strictly prohibited. It is important to note that you should not drink water after having any fruit at any time of the day. Save water fact for an improved digestion and thereby well being.

Stay Hydrated Drinking Water

Water keeps our body hydrated. But it depends a way on how we drink water. The best way to drink water is to sip it slowly. It should mix properly with our saliva before entering our food tract. An average adult should drink at least three glassful of water early morning on empty stomach. This improves the metabolism and reflects on our digestion, skin-tone and our overall well-being.

Besides, it is important to drink approximately 5-6 liters of water every day. The three glassful of water mentioned above is the only time you should drink water even of not thirsty. On other occasions, the body indicates it by being thirsty.


Few researches on practitioners of Ayurveda- The Ancient Indian Treatise on Health and Welling compelled me to put this post together. I have myself tried all of them for an obvious effect on my well being. I encourage you to try them out and let us know via comments in the comment box below as how it worked for you.

Thanks for reading the post and would to hear your questions, opinions and specially your experience with these techniques.

2 Replies to “Save water facts – improve wellness”

  1. Drinking water WOW!

    This is something a lot more people need to hear and understand the dire importance of. Finding this post has made me so much more aware thank you. As i started reading i got more and more sucked into it. Where you said that you have to drink water before and after meals has helped me understand that this might be the reason for my acid reflux problems after i have just eaten a huge meal and haven’t had a sip of water all day. So thank you for that !

    But i do have to ask, is having a cup of tea in the morning before your meal sufficient? I know coffee dehydrates and isnt good for the liver, but is tea a better option or must one just suck it up and down a cup of water.

    Thank you again 

    1. Thanks for your comment. I loved to see that you have begun observing few benefits- WOW.

      Having water first thing in the morning even before brushing your teeth is the best way to be dehydrated. I personally would not recommend tea. 

      Thanks for reading through.

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