Shunya Mudra Benefits

Shunya Mudra Benefits

Space is a key Nature Element and one of the key constituent of our body. We continue with our discussions on Simple Mudras for Good Health in this article. Shunya Mudra benefits is our course of discussion today.

The Panch Mahabhoot or the five elements of Nature constitutes our Body. The combination of one, two or three of these elements provides the basis for Doshas in our body. These Doshas must be balanced for a healthy life.

Our five fingers represents the five elements of nature- fire, Air, Ether, Earth and Water. There are relevant pressure points in our hands which activates this energy in our body. Mudras, or Hand Gestures, are a simple way to activate this energy in our body.

Mudras are subtle in effect yet powerful. Their effect might not be visible in the short run but can be beneficial over long run.

However, a word of caution here is that Mudras does not replace any emergency medical care. One must consult a medical practitioner before taking up practicing Mudras.

Please use these articles as a source of information on the ways to achieve wellness. However, exercise caution to take up on your own. Trust an experienced practitioner only when adapting it in your daily life.

How do you do a Sunya?How do you do a Sunya?

Sunya or Shunya Mudra is practiced with the middle finger touching the base of thumb and the thumb wrapped over it. It is practiced in seated position with both hands.

One should practice Mudras in seated position- Siddhasana, Sukhasana or Padmasana. Mudras practiced in seated position imparts maximum benefits though one can practice it lying down as well.

Our right-hand effects the left part of the body while the left hand effects the right. Hence, Mudras must be practiced with both hands for equal effect on whole body.

When touching the base of thumb by middle finger, do not stretch the other fingers. Just let the other finger be stretched naturally.

Also, one must practice Shunya Mudra early in the morning. Take advantage of the serenity of nature at this hour.

Shunya Mudra is one of the simple Mudras to reduce too much space element in our body. We elaborate this further down below.

What is the Use of Shunya Mudra?

Shunya Mudra is used to reduce the space element in our body. The Dosha due to enhanced space element is reduced by performing this Mudra.
What is the use of Shunya Mudra?

The space element play a vital role in our body. An excess of space element may lead to vertigo or hearing impairment. It is nearly impossible to reduce this via medicine or exercises and this is where Shunya Mudra helps.

Both an excess or deficit of space element in our body is a cause of concern. Therefore, exercise caution to practice Shunya Mudra only if suffering from excess of this element. Stop practicing once you are through with your ailment.

Shunya means Zero or Nothingness in Sanskrit. Therefore, the Shunya Mudra leads you to Nothingness or Vacuum. This is an area devoid of space and not bothered by forces of space!

The middle finger represents Space and the thumb represents Fire. Holding of Middle Finger by thumb represents suppression of space element. The use of Shunya Mudra stems from this fact.

Hence, the Shunya Mudra benefits includes,

1. Enhancing power to endure vertigo.

2. Improves the sense of balance.

3. Delays onset of osteoporosis.

4. Improves hearing power.

5. Improves lung function.

6. Prevent Ear discharges

7. Improves bone strength

All the above uses are derived from reducing the space element in our body.

Which Mudra is Best for Ear?

Shunya Mudra is best for Ear. It is the space element which causes Ear problems. These problems are eliminated by practicing Shunya Mudra.

Sounds propagation is possible only via medium. No sound travels in vacuum. Reducing this vacuum helps in better propagation of sound and thereby hearing.

Most Ear problems are caused due to excess space element. This includes discharge from the Ear. Shunya Mudra helps in preventing Ear discharge.

Overall, Shunya Mudra helps in keeping our ears functional.

What are the Benefits of Akash Mudra?

Akash Mudra has opposing benefits than Shunya Mudra. It’s benefits are derived by increasing the space element in our body.
What are the Benefits of Akash Mudra?

Like Shunya Mudra, the middle finger and the thumb are used to practice this Mudra. The difference here is that the tip of middle finger touches the tip of thumb in Akash Mudra.

Thereby, the effect is enhancement of space element which is completely opposite of Shunya Mudra.

The key benefits of Akash Mudra includes positivity and a calm mind. One goes in unison with the Universe by performing Akash Mudra.

These phenomena reiterate the fact that Mudras should be practiced only when required. Overdoing the Mudras might go contrary to the expected benefits!

Can we do Shunya Mudra while Walking?

Mudra must be practiced in seated position for maximum benefit. Shunya Mudra is a meditative pose and should not be practiced while walking.

Practicing Shunya Mudra in Siddhasana, Sukhasana or Padmasana is best. One can take this up while in deep meditation. Venturing into Nothingness helps you greatly in meditation.

Here is a link to my other article on Vipassana Meditation Benefits on Wellness which you will find interesting to read at this stage.


Shunya Mudra is the Mudra of Nothingness. It helps to reduce the space element in our body.

The Mudra is practiced with the Middle Finger touching the base of thumb and the thumb wrapped over it. It must be practiced in seated position in any of the sitting Asanas- Sukhasana, Siddhasana or Padmasana.

Shunya Mudra is to reduce the space elements in our body. Many diseases are caused by excess space element and Shunya Mudra is a way to reduce it.

The main benefits of Shunya Mudra includes,

– Enhancing power to endure vertigo.
– Improves the sense of balance.
– Delays onset of osteoporosis.
– Improves hearing power.
– Improves lung function.
– Prevent Ear discharges
– Improves bone strength

Shunya Mudra is best for Ear and helps in enhancing hearing power.

Akash Mudra uses the same middle finger and thumb but has opposing effect than Shunya Mudra. It enhances the space element in our body. One of the key benefits of Akash Mudra is to attain positivity in life.

Now here is a video link to explain the Steps of Performing Shunya Mudra. I am sure you will find it useful to determine where this Mudra is for you to take up or not.

I am sure you enjoyed reading this article and to learn one more aspect to attain wellness. Do not forget to leave your comments in the comment box below. Your comments are a source of inspiration for me to research more aspects to attain wellness.



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