Simple Yoga for Beginners

Simple Yoga for Beginners

Yoga is an enigma and usually associated with difficult poses. It might be intimidating to the uninitiated. Truly, some poses are difficult to perform. Images of twisted body parts resonates with the notion of Yoga people have. However, there are simple Yoga for beginners which would initiate one to the age-old practice. Practicing advanced forms of Yoga then becomes a choice which one could make. In this week of International Yoga Day, I introduce you to some easiest yoga practices which one can easily adopt.

Even the simple Yoga poses goes a long way in contributing to your health and wellness. Besides, it contributes well to your mental well-being. The Yoga poses were designed by Ancient Sages in India addressing the strength and flexibility of specific body parts. These muscles might not be used in daily life otherwise and lose its strength causing degenerative diseases.

We will be introduced to some physical and few breathing exercises which can be adopted by anyone to improve health and wellness. These are simple poses which are easy to learn. It does not need any expensive equipment and can be done anywhere on a Yoga Mat. It is recommended to take up these exercises outdoors but there is no restriction on doing it indoors.

Is Warm Up Necessary Before Yoga?

Yoga can be practiced anytime but is best recommended to practice in the morning. With this recommendation, it becomes imperative to warm up before taking up even simple Yoga for beginners.Warm Up

A simple warm up in the morning would be rolling from the top to bottom. Start with rolling your head, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Then start with rolling your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and head. Repeat the cycle ten times. Thereafter, keep legs wide apart and try touching knees with alternative hands to work up your back. The third warm up exercise is to stretch your hands up and bringing it down to touch your foot. Do this 15 times.

The above three exercises will sufficiently warm up your body to take up the Yoga poses. To read more such simple anytime stretching exercises read my other article by clicking here.


Suryanamaskar is a 12-step process and is designed to stretch maximum muscles in your body. It is recommended to be done in a cyclic rhythm which enhances the heartbeat. Hence, besides being a stretch exercise, it is also strength training and cardio. The wholesome nature of this Yoga has made it extremely popular.Suryanamaskar

This exercise is performed outdoors with the rising Sun. Surya is the Sanskrit word for Sun and Namaskar is Greetings. Hence, this exercise is performed to greet the Sun. It is also desirable to let the first rays of Sun to touch your Solar Plexus to reap maximum benefits from Solar Energy.

It is performed with both hands joined in front of your chest, stretch them up high, bring them down on ground, step one in front fully, take it back, put your body weight on both hands, push your body up, step up the other leg and stand up. Repeat the cycle at least seven times to begin with gradually increasing it to 21. Your strength and stamina will be good if you are able to complete 21 cycles every day.

Do read more about Suryanamaskar, read my other article by clicking here.


In case you find it difficult to perform Suryanamaskar on a regular basis, the alternative is Pranamasana. It is one of the best Yoga exercise to work up your spine. Spine has innumerable nerve endings and is a store-house of energy. Keeping the spine active is the guaranteed way of achieving wellness.pranamasana

Pranamasana begins in the standing position with both hands joined and stretched upwards. Then keeping your hands in this position slowly squat down to as far as possible before rising again. Complete seven cycles to begin with and then slowly reach up to 21.

This Yoga exercise is done with the same objective as Suryanamaskar-to greet the Sun. Hence, it is best performed in the morning to greet the first rays of Sun. Besides, keeping the spine healthy is said to cure many diseases and mental problems.

This one is my personal recommendation to take up and practice on a daily basis.

Pawan Mukt Asana

Pawanmukt Asana helps to clear the gas in your body parts. To read the effect of gas on our body, read my other article on Ayurved Body Types by clicking here.pawan mukt asana

Pawan means air or gas in Sanskrit and Mukt stands for free. Thereby, the name indicates that this pose is performed to free one from air or gas. It is a great accelerator of digestion and a late dinner always calls for performing this pose next morning.

This pose is performed in lying down position with face up. One leg is bent at knee and brought close towards the face. Hold for a few seconds in this position and do the same with the other leg. Perform ten cycles.

Pawan Mukt Asana works wonders on your digestive system. It eliminates any pain in the body arising due to games in the body. It helps to balance the Vata or the games in the body.


Pranayam stands for flow of life. In essence, these are various breathing exercises which effects the different parts of the body and makes them flow with life. Kapalbhati is one simple Yoga for beginners.Kapalbhati

Kapal is a Sanskrit word for the skull and Bhati stands for setting it in motion. One achieves a shining forehead if practising this breathing exercise. Kapalbhati has numerous health benefits for the stomach organs like kidney and has a healthy effect on the sexual organs. It eliminates the games from body and thereby reducing pain causing element. The practice is said to control the pituitary gland and thereby hyper- thyroidism.

This Yoga is practiced preferably in the open. Sit in a comfortable place with legs folded. Inhale lightly and exhale with full force. The exhalation should be coming from your navel and try to expel as much air as possible. Again Inhale lightly and exhale with force. Continue this cycles to complete at least 60 cycles in a minute. Increase to achieve 120 cycles per minutes.

Kapalbhati is designed to eliminate all toxins from the body. It is helpful in strengthening ones digestive system and thereby lose weight.

Anulom Vilom Pranayam

Technically Kapalbhati is not a pranayam but an exercise. The most popular pranayam though is Anulom Vilom. This is such a simple exercise that it can be done anytime anywhere.Anulom Vilom

Anulom Vilom is designed to make you stress free. One will experience relaxation after performing this breathing exercise. It enhances will power and sharpens memory.

This breathing exercise is done in a sitting position. Place your thumb on your right nostril and inhale deep from the left. Slowly release the right nostril and place your finger over left nostril. Exhale from the right nostril. Now inhale from the right nostril and slowly place your thumb over it while exhaling from left nostril. Repeat the cycle for at least five minutes to begin with and slowly increasing it to ten.

This breathing exercise is a mandatory one for students and those experiencing anxiety.


The Yoga exercises must conclude with Shavasana. Shavasana stands for pose of the Corpse. It is a relaxation breathing exercise and as well as a form of meditation. Concluding with this simple Yoga for beginners relaxes the whole body and makes one stress-free.Shavasana

Shavasana is performed in lying down like a Corpse with face up. Feel the breathing inhale and exhale slowly without any sound. Start with letting your toes relax followed by your hand. Move up to let your knees, hips, shoulder and your head relax while slowly inhaling and exhaling. Hold onto this position for sometime. To get back in active position, wiggle your toes, wiggle your fingers, then move up moving your knees, stomach, chest and finally your brows. Stand up and you are done with this Yoga pose.

To read more about Shavasana, read my other article by clicking here.


The above Yoga practice are some easiest ones chosen. They are not severe body benders but carefully designed to enhance your body and mental functions. Reading this far shows your interest to improve your wellness. Adopt them today and see the changes yourself.

Moreover, the Yoga practices recommended above reduces the stress arising in your everyday life. A regular practice is said to prevent depression and high Blood pressure. The benefits have proved over ages and it is only a question of adopting the same.

Your comments are a big encouragement for me to continue researching such topics and bringing it up to you. My ultimate success is to hear that you benefited by reading this article. Do bookmark this page and keep returning to read more articles on health and wellness. Wish All my Readers help Best of Health and Wellness!

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