Turmeric and Stress


Turmeric has been used as a home medicine since time immemorial. It is an ancient wonder medicine. Besides, it has been used as flavoring agent in food preparations. It is a proven anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is extremely effective in curing some common ailments at home before hitting out on prescription drugs.

Stress is a natural response of our body to fight external threats. Our brain released stress hormones whenever it feels the need for a “flight or fight”. This is a natural phenomenon in our body and required to some extent. However, continuous release of stress hormones causes a number of health disorders and overall well-being. This may cause irritability to insomnia and many more health conditions arising out of it.

Turmeric and stress are stated as common enemies where its effectiveness comes into play due to its nature of curing anxiety, depression and enhacing overall mental health.

Stress Mechanism

The release of stress hormones in our body causes a number of natural reactions. Our heart races, breathing increases and our muscles get ready for action. This is necessary for our body’s natural functioning. However, once the need for fight or flight readiness is over, the body should go back to normal condition. The continuous pounding of stress hormones prevents the body from going back to normal condition causing chronic stress in our body. This can cause severe ill-effect on your health and well-being.

In a stress situation, the central nervous system releases the stress hormones- adrenaline and cortisol. It directs the lungs to breathe extra oxygen and the heart to pump at a higher rate to supply all the muscles with oxygen-rich blood. This keeps the muscles ready to perform at its best. Sportsmen use it to their best advantage. This is one of the most important function of our body to reach newer heights.

Pre-existing conditions is the main reason this goes out of control. Breathing problems, heart conditions and high body weight all contribute towards the malevolent stress in our body. Once set in, it has an aggravating effect leading towards anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Short term stress is beneficial in enhancing the immune system temporarily. However, chronic stress reduce the overall immunity of the body and therefore stressed-out people are more prone to viral and bacterial infections.

Turmeric and StressTurmeric

Turmeric is known as a wonder drug mainly due to its content ‘Curcumin”. It is a bright yellow compound produced in plants of the Ginger family. The bio active properties make it an effective home medicine.Curcumin is a known anti-depressant and anti-anxiety herbal cure since a very long time. Its ability to normalize specific pathways in our body is effective in achieving these properties. Besides working on multiple pathways simultaneously, it lowers stress hormones cortisol and thereby helps in bringing stress to a normal level.

It is also a well-known fact that turmeric improves the lining of blood vessels. The therapeutic properties of turmeric has an effect on bearing stress. Our blood vessels are better prepared to take the adrenaline rush many times over. Thereby, turmeric helps in improving the chronic stress by enhancing the strength of our blood vessels.

Intake Methods

Turmeric is consumed in multiple ways. Raw rhizome is consumed immediately after meal. The fresh rhizome has maximum content of curcumin and thereby proves superior in extracting the stated health benefits. It can be taken by adding in tea or coffee or grate some in a smoothie. It is widely consumed as pickle.

Dried turmeric is prepared in many ways – by boiling, drying, peeling or grinding and it loses some of its properties when compared to the raw rhizome. However, it still retains its medicinal properties.

Powdered turmeric is used as a flavoring constituent in many food items. It is one of the most common spices stored in our kitchens. Powdered turmeric is the one used in curries to provide a natural yellow color to food. It has maximum effect to build immunity when taken last thing at night mixed in warm milk.

Other Health BenefitsFace Spa

The health benefits does not stop at turmeric and stress. Besides being a known anti-depressant, it works well to provide us with numerous other health benefits.

Turmeric is a known anti-inflammatory herbal cure. It prevents many lifestyle diseases by keeping the pathogens like bacteria under control.

Its anti-oxidant properties helps in hindering the formation of free-radical in your body.

Turmeric is a cure for skin ailments and generally improves the skin health. It is a constituent of home made face-masks and known to improve the skin tone.


Turmeric is a known natural cure for many of the ailments leading to stress. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties effects many pathways in our body to strength the blood vessels and reduce the stress cuasing hormones. Though one needs to be cautious in not taking too much of turmeric as some benefits have still not been clinically proven in modern times.

It is recommended that have at least one serving of raw turmeric rhizome after mean and a cup of warm milk with powdered turmeric after dinner for obvious benefits. The working millennial can put this in practice to beat chronic stress.

I would encourage you to make this a daily practice. Do share your experience with this topic in the comment box below.

20 Replies to “Turmeric and Stress”

  1. Hello and thank you about this article! I never knew Turmeric has a lot of health benefits. I knew it has lowered my high Blood pressure and the fact that you mentioned it improves blood vessels lining, it all makes sense now. I am thrilled it has anti depression and anti anxiety benefits too. 

    I sometimes substitute regular ginger to turmeric when I cook for my family, while for me it is not as flavorful as the regular ginger, but still taste good when I used it.

    My father is also drinking the powder type as a tea and I sometimes drink too with some honey to sweeten it a little bit.

    One thing I don’t like about it is it colored our cooking pots and some utensils, it is more obvious with color white. Do you know how to remove that? 

    1. Hi Lemuel,

      Thanks for your reply and spending time in reading through the article completely.

      For removing stains from utensils, I recommend using lime juice. Soak your utensils in lime juice+hot water overnight and leave it overnight. Clean the utensils next morning. This normally works for turmeric stains.

  2. I got a lot of discoveries reading this article of yours. Before, I only know of Turmeric as a solution for Cancer problems, I didn’t know it can help fight stress and other illnesses like depression and inflammation. Today, with the help of this article, I now have other options than just taking Mefenamic Acid or Paracetamol for pain and inflammation. Instead of those synthetic drugs, I would rather use Turmeric. 

    Here in our place, Turmeric solutions exist in the form of powder mix which can be served with hot water like you’re sipping your tea or coffee. If you can suggest or recommend other solutions containing Turmeric, I would every happy to take the suggestion. I am starting to love Turmeric as it promises a lot of health benefits and looks like a good substitute to what I am already drinking which is coffee.

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your comments and sharing first-hand experience with using turmeric as a natural medicine against prescription drugs.

      My way of using turmeric in powder form is to add a pinch in a glass of warm milk and have it after dinner. It does relieve pain which I can vouch for.

  3. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. Before now, I read a review and also found out that When it comes to taking turmeric for your joints, it was shown most effective when taken before symptoms kick as a preventative measure to keep your joints healthy, pain-free, and mobile.

     I love it!

    1. Hello Joy,

      Thanks for your comments. I agree that it is believed that turmeric prevents onset of anthritis and works well in relieving joint pain. However, I deliberately did not bring this up in my article as this is still being challenged in modern medical trials.

      Thanks for sharing this anyways.

      Keep Well!!!

  4. Good review you have here and. I must say that this is very informative. I have arthritis and I was suggested to use turmeric and that is the reason I am here on this website right now. Truly, it is not necessarily a fast reliever but surely, it has helped a lot. To be honest, I heard thatthe best period to take turmeric is before the effects starts kicking in to serve as a preventive measure. Which I actually like better

    1. Thanks for the comments and sharing your experience here Philip,

      Yes, it is claimed that turmeric cures anthritis but I deliberately did not cover that point as you rightly said – natural means are more of preventive nature than corrective ones. They are not going to give a fast result as they need to set-up the body’s defence mechanism. But surely, they can provide a sustained result over time.

      Hope and pray that you get rid of any ailments soon and remain free of it.

  5. Excellent information here. This article took me back in my memory. Several years ago I drank Golden Milk Tea about 3 times per week and always felt fantastic. I’m not sure why I stopped drinking it, but I need to start again! It was delicious and absolutely PACKED with turmeric. I’ve been so stressed lately and could really use something to wind down…a lovely drink wouldn’t hurt either. I could also consider adding turmeric to other parts of my diet. The pickled turmeric sounds like something I’d want to try.

    1. Thanks for your comments Maria,

      I encourage you to start drinking milk with trumeric. It is best thing to take after dinner and before going to bed. Pickled turmeric does taste great.

      Stay Well!!!

  6. I was aware of the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of turmeric, but did not realise about all the benefits associated with stress and that it can be used as an anti-depressant. I sometimes have some turmeric powder dissolved in warn water first thing in the morning to boost my immunity, so I find it interesting that you mention having it with milk after dinner in the evenings. 

    Should I be adding pepper to aid the absorption of the turmeric as many people say that you need to use the two together for the benefits.

    1. Hi There,

      Do not add pepper in milk – that is an avoidable food combination which is the subject of my forthcoming article. You can add some sugar to taste but it is best to have it plainly in warm milk after dinner.

      Pepper can be and must be added when you are having it with warm water first thing in the morning.

      Thanks for asking this question.

      Stay Well!!!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing with us a beautiful and informative article. The main content of this article is turmeric and stress. It is truly remarkable that you have presented this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of knowledge about turmeric. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like benefits of turmeric.

    Turmeric is called a natural herb that my family and I often use. When I fall into a little distant thought, eating this turmeric powder with water gives me peace of mind.It is used as a cosmetic in my family.So I would say those who are suffering from skin problems or mental turmoil can try using this turmeric.

    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and enjoyed it so I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you give me permission.

    1. Thanks for your comments Asraful,

      Turmeric is undoubtedly great for skin. Please feel free to share the article on your facebook page.

      Stay Well!!!

  8. Thank you for sharing the benefits of turmeric with us. I had no idea that it can help with stress, I am only aware of it’s anti inflammatory benefits. This is great. Warm milk mix with turmeric sounds like a nice drink that I can have when I am working. How many oz is one serving? 

    1. Thanks for your comments Nuttanee,

      Half tea-spoon would be enough to be added in a glass of warm milk. Enjoy your drink.

      Stay Well!!!

  9. It is a great article. I have never thought that Turmeric can handle stress. I am stressed so often, I will test Turmeric and see if it can help me to overcame the stress. Thank you so much for this artcile, I am looking forwrod to read more about subjects like that. To get the effect better should I take Turmeric in the morning or it does not matter?

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your comments. You can have turmeric in warm water with honey and pepper in the morning. Besides, the other great option is to have it with warm milk after dinner before going to bed.

      All the best in being stress-free and achieving wellness.

  10. I absolutely didn’t know that this wonderful herb is an anti-depressive. My mom started implementing it in meals because it’s healthy. But we didn’t know for this benefit. Thanks!

    1. Yes, turmeric is well-known to be anti-depressive. I know that we do not know the benefits of some of the most common items in our kitchen, and therefore this blogsite. The objective is to educate the society towards wellness.

      Stay Well!!!

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