Weight Loss Nutrition Tips

Weight gain or girth around midriff is often a major cause of worry when following a sedentary lifestyle. The overall health and wellness is visible in body weights exceeding the Body Mass Index popularly called BMI. High Blood Pressure, weak arteries, additional weight on knees and ankles to highly complex Heart Diseases are often associated with excessive body weight. In this article we discuss some Weight Loss Nutrition Tips which are disciplined way of controlling your weight. These topics are organized as to When, Where and How to Eat or Drink to gain maximum benefits for loosing weight. The ideas are intended to be practiced and imbibed in one’s daily life for a sustainable control of weight. None of the topics recommends extreme measures which would be difficult to make part of your daily life. I therefore invite all the readers to practice them for at least 21 habit-forming days and share what changes you observe in your wellness to greater benefit of society.

What to Eat for Weight Loss

Making a choice of what to eat often is a Hobsons Choice for many of us Working professionals. We eat what we are able to grab on the go. Food Choices are often the most limited in the professional world and requires a deep conscious effort to eat the right food. One of the prime weight loss nutrition tips is choosing the right food to eat.

Proteins are the building blocks of our body and needs to be replenished to keep us energetic. Appropriate fat is required to keep our body warm. These are the bare minimum which our body would require to keep us going. All this is packed into one common local grocery item- the ordinarily available Groundnut. Groundnut is no heavily advertised super food yet it comes packed with all that we require to keep us energetic. This is without exerting any fat accumulating pressure on our midsections.

Groundnut is easy to carry even for the most busy professionals. Groundnuts soaked overnight are soft to chew and tastes Creamy. Sprinkle salt and pepper or have it with jaggery, it will simply feel fulfilling. Groundnut satisfies your urge of hunger besides being nutritious. Once the urge is satisfied you are not lead to unhealthy food choices and are able to control your diet better. This will obviously result in achieving weight loss over a period of time.

Some food like lemon are a great way to cleanse your system. Few drops of lemon taken with honey in the early morning hours is a pain-free way to start your weight loss program.

Another important factor in achieving your weight loss goals is to avoid certain food combinations. These food combinations effect negative results than making proper food choice. These food combinations to avoid are discussed in the article and can be accessed by clicking here.

When to Eat for Weight Loss

Eating Right also means eating at the right time. The first weight loss nutrition tips is to immediately stop having late dinners or midnight snacking. This has the most detrimental effect on your weight loss program. And this activity is the easiest one to implement besides judging your resolve to lose weight. It might look difficult but not the most difficult thing to do in case your are genuinely concerned about your body weight.

Moving over to the more challenging part of actually scheduling your food intake with the movement of the Sun. This means having maximum food only when the Suns heat supports the Body Heat and take that as an indicator. What this necessarily means is to have your heaviest meal in the morning to allow maximum time for digestion following by a lighter midday meal and ending it with a moderate dinner at approximately the time Sun sets. Remember that weight gain is only a reflection of improperly digested food. In case, you choose to follow this schedule, the body is guaranteed to absorb maximum nutrients and leave few leftovers around your waist and tummy.

Where to eat for weight loss

This is not even a Hobsons Choice and more a compulsion to eat wherever we get to eat. However, the idea to discuss this topic here is to have as much of locally grown vegetables and fruits as possible. This had become next to impossible but modern farming techniques enhancing organic farming is fast catching. Hydroponic farming has the potential of growing up to 5 times of the normal farming methods and is a great way of producing fresh, preservative-free healthy food.

Though not proven scientifically but it is a fact that our body’s constituent is made up by picking nutrients locally and is best suited and fed by locally available nutrients.

How to eat for weight loss

Eating the right way is key to weight loss. Rather, intake of fluids before and after your meals has a long-lasting effect on your weight loss program. One the main subjects here is how to drink water.

My previous articles mentioned above also covers the topic of proper ways to drink water addresses this in detail. You may want to read it to get a proper perspective on the same. The key take-away is to always drink water by sipping and not gulping if you expect any results in your weight loss program. Besides, be conscious of not to drink water immediately before or after your meals. This discipline goes a long way in improving digestion and thereby promoting weight loss.


We have covered the What, Where and Hows of Weight Loss Nutrition Tips which covers the aspect of nutrition required during a weight loss program. I would like to re-iterate here that the suggestions will not show a magical immediate benefit but a disciplined approach is required to imbibe them in your daily habits. However, whatever weight loss you achieve will be sustainable one and stick with you if you choose to follow this discipline.

I invite you to share your thoughts and effects if you have practiced it for the greater benefit of people who are suffering from this disease called Weight Gain.

8 Replies to “Weight Loss Nutrition Tips”

  1. I have never heard the term Hobson’s Choice before, but that is how I have been eating for years.  Now that I am retired, I can get off of that meal plan.  Your article offers some practical tips for weight loss.  I was surprised to read that drinking water is not recommended right before or after eating.  I have been told to drink water both times.  Before, to curb the appetite and after to speed up the process.  I am going to try your suggestion.  Also, I am going to try lemon juice and honey in the morning.  Thanks for the tips.

    1. Hi Anastazja,

      Glad that you took time out to review the article and relate it to your own eating habits. Actually digestion is effected by strong acids in our stomach and water is a universal diluter. Therefore drinking water either before or after a meal slows down the digestion. Instead you can start your meal with a spoon of warm butter and end it with yogurt or a mildly acidic juice like lemon, orange or apple. This is strongly recommended by Ayurvedic practices and I have seen the positive effect myself. Having lemon with honey is a great way begin your day and is a sure shot way to control your weight.

      Wish you all Good Health and Wellness.

  2. I was just talking about this to my husband and with my neighbor and we actually had a discussion about when to eat the most and the biggest meal. We couldn’t get an agreement, one said to skip breakfast and do intermittent fasting, the other said to have the biggest meal for breakfast. I am convinced that it is the latter as you said, to never skip breakfast, and to also eat less at the evening, so this confirms it thanks!

    1. Hi Lizzy,

      Heavy breakfast is the recommended way as per Ayurvedic Practitioners which allows maximum time for digestion. If you observe people living in villages, you will see them practicing this very closely with a light meal in the evening.

      thanks for your comments and sharing your thoughts on the subject.

      Wish you and your family good health and wellness!

  3. By incorporating these nutrition tips into one’s daily life, one can use it to lose weight. When one is trying to lose weight, or even just maintain the optimum weight that you have reached, it is important not to eat too late in the evenings. If you eat too late, it means that your body doesn’t have time to digest the food, and it is more likely to be stored as fat. 

    Midnight or late night snacking is another killer for your weight loss journey. At the end of the day, eating the right way is the only way to lose weight and keep it off. 

    1. Thank you for your comprehensive review of this article. The ideas proposed here are for a sustainable long term weight optimization and rightly pointed out that insufficient digestion causes fat accumulation. 

      Stay Healthy, stay safe.

  4. I have been on a weight loss journey for the past two months and a half due to diabetic nephropathy and hypothyroidism, which has been quite a journey. Cutting off late night dinner has been extremely beneficial; instead, I try to minimize what I eat and snack on healthy alternatives just to keep up with my glucose levels. This has been a great read and even more so it worked as a motivational encouragement.

    1. Thanks for your comments Stephanie and for sharing your personal experience with cutting down on late night dinner.

      Wish you all the best of health and wellness!

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