What is Khechari Mudra, and what are its Benefits?

What is Khechari Mudra, and what are its Benefits?

We learn about Simple Mudras for Good Health in the previous articles. Shambhavi Mudra was one complex Mudra which we learn about. Moving ahead in this article, we will discuss what is Khechari Mudra, and what are its Benefits?

Khechari Mudra is one of the celebrated Mudra in Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga. It is a complex Mudra and must be practiced under expert supervision only.

Unlike other Mudras, Khechari Mudra is not a Hand Mudra. It involves positioning of the tongue in position.

Many myths surround Khechari Mudra and here we attempt to break some of them in this article.

Yoga Texts mentions Khechari Mudra under Khechari Vidya where the Mudra is only part of the complete knowledge of Khechari.

Khechari consists of two words- “Khe” means space and “Char” means roaming around. Hence, Khechari means to roam around in space.

The myth surrounding this word is that Yogi practicing Khechari can travel in space! This is not true physically. The word has a closer intent which means roaming in your own inner space!

How do you Breathe in Khechari Mudra?

You roll back your tongue and place it in the cavity adjoining the air duct in Khechari Mudra. One needs to breathe normally in this position without any sound of your breathing.
How do you Breathe in Khechari Mudra?

Khechari Mudra is a part of Hatha Yoga. The intense practitioners aim to increase the length of the tongue.

The practice of this Mudra takes time. Initially, it is difficult to place the tongue in position. At best, it reaches the edge of the upper palate.

However, the focus is not on breathing and one should breathe normally in this Mudra.

It is not a Pranayam where one focuses on breathing. Here is a link to my earlier article on 5 Best Pranayams for Weight Loss where the focus is on breathing.

Khechari Mudra is neither a Hand Mudra nor a Pranayam and hence the focus is not on breathing but rather on Dhyan, or concentrating.

How does Khechari Mudra feel like?

The name Khechari is indicative that one feels like traveling in space by practicing this Mudra. The travel is in one’s own inner space rather than physical flight.
How does Khechari Mudra feel like?

Khechari Mudra utilizes the connection of your tongue with your thoughts. It is observed that your thoughts are intricately related to the movement of your tongue. Hence, stabilizing your tongue stabilizes your thoughts!

One feels free of any physical shackles in Khechari Mudra. You venture out into a state where you float freely.

This free float feels like walking in the sky. You are not bound by gravity or any of your physical constraints.

Khechari or traveling in air had once graduated to using certain chemicals to get this effect. However, with better visibility on air travel, this craze is no longer there.

The biggest shackles you overcome in Khechari is your own thoughts. Since, you have locked your thoughts, you venture into Nothingness.

The pleasure derived from such feeling is immense. It goes a long way in enhancing your concentration beyond any limits.

How Long Does it Take to Master Khechari Mudra?

Khechari Mudra is not an easy Mudra to learn. It may take months to master this Mudra.
How Long Does it Take to Master Khechari Mudra?

Before answering the question on what is Khechari Mudra, and what are its Benefits, we need to understand that this Mudra is not for everyone. It is part of Hatha Yoga which is quite difficult stream of Yoga.

Khechari is not just a Mudra but a complete subject in itself. Just practicing the Mudra would not bring necessary benefits.

However, Hatha Yoga Practitioners are of the opinion that mastering Khechari Mudra requires at least six months of continuous practice. This can be achieved by improving day by day.

One can only experience Khechari with the right mental level. Improving on it takes time and continuous effort to achieve the objective.

Is it True that Khechari Mudra is necessary for Kriya Yoga?

Khechari Mudra is focused on awakening the Spirituality and not necessary for Kriya Yoga. Rather, it is part of Kundalini Yoga.

Kriya Yoga is a package of various Kriyas for cleansing the mind, body and soul. It focuses more on the physical part of natural cleansing. It consists of various Pranayams, Mudras and Yoga Postures but not Khechari Mudra.

Besides, there are various proponents of Kriya Yoga. The inclusion of a particular technique depends on the Benefit expected of it.

On the other hand, Khechari is part of Hatha Yoga and is used for Kundalini Awakening.

To keep things simple, Khechari Mudra is not necessary for Kriya Yoga.

Is Khechari Mudra Dangerous?

Khechari Mudra calls for placing the tongue in the cavity vehicle upper palate. It is dangerous to practice for an uninitiated practitioner. The rolled-back tongue can choke the wind-pipe resulting in death.
Is Khechari Mudra Dangerous?

Besides, some Hatha Yoga practitioners cut the ligament connecting the tongue to lower palate. This is to elongate the tongue for placing in the cavity properly.

Any such attempt is dangerous and strictly avoidable. The free tongue can choke the wind pipe in sleep causing death.

Therefore, Khechari Mudra is recommended for any casual practitioner. Instead, a simpler Mudra called Saraswati Mudra can be practiced which works wonder in enhancing concentration in students.

Do let me know if you would like to know more about Saraswsti Mudra in the comment box below. I will publish my article on Saraswati Mudra on your recommendation.

So what is Khechari Mudra, and what are its Benefits?

Khechari is comprising two root words- “Khe” meaning Sky or Open Space and “Chari” meaning to roam around. Khechari thereby means to roam around in space.

However, the word had a figurative meaning which means to roam in one’s inner space.

It I’d not a magical method to travel in space. This is only a myth and has not been proven otherwise.

Breathing is normal in Khechari Mudra. The focus is on stabilizing your thoughts and not breathing in thus Mudra.

One feels like traveling in space in this Mudra. Your thoughts are still and there are no constraints for you.

Khechari Mudra is not for everyone. It would take at least six months to master this Mudra.

This Mudra is not necessary for Kriya Yoga. Rather, it is an essential part of Kundalini Yoga and used in Chakra awakening.

Khechari Mudra can prove dangerous and not recommended for casual practitioners. The rolled back tongue can choke the air pipe did cause death!

I hope you enjoyed reading about this enigmatic procedure. Though complex, it still has a logical bearing but quite dangerous to practice on your own.

Here is a video link showing the actual practice of Khechari Mudra-Simple Gesture-Strong Effect which will give you further insight about this Mudra.

Please leave your comments in the comment box below which will further help me to research on more ways to wellness.

Thank You.

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