What is the Difference Between panch bhoot kriya and bhuta suddhi

What is the Difference Between panch bhoot kriya and bhuta suddhi

We have studied various aspects to achieve Wellness- Yoga, Nutritious Diet, Happiness, and various other aspects to keep us Well. The 7 Dimensions of Wellness discussed the framework of how to achieve wellness. Continuing in our pursuit of wellness, we discuss what is the Difference Between Panch Bhoot Kriya and Bhoot Suddhi.

The idea of this website is to highlight simple ways to achieve wellness. This helpful knowledge leads to some complex practices which might be of interest to many wellness freaks among us. This article is dedicated to discussing one such comes package to achieve wellness.

Earlier, we discussed How to Practise Shambhavi Mahamudra. This is a package offered by Isha Foundation and has gained popularity in the recent past.

Panch Bhoot Kriya is a purification package offered by the same Isha Foundation. The proponent of Isha Foundation, the renowned Sadhguru, speaks highly of this package.

In this article, we attempt to demystify some aspects of Panch Bhoot Kriya. Also, we try to understand the differences between Panch Bhoot Kriya and Bhoot Suddhi in this article.

The Panch Bhootas or Panch Mahabhoota

It is important to understand the Panch Bhootas in order to understand what is the Difference Between Panch Bhoot Kriya and Bhuta Sudhhi. The Panch Bhoot or Panch Mahabhoota are the five elements of Nature as established in Texts of Ayurveda.

Five elements of Panch Mahabhoot are:

1. Agni or Fire

2. Prithvi or Earth Element

3. Vayu or Air Element

4. Jal or Water Element

5. Apan or Space Element.

Some later experts in Ayurveda accepted only four elements of Nature. They dismissed Ether as a separate Element and stated that it is part of the Air Element.

The Panch Mahabhoot is the basis of Ayurvedic Treatments. Any treatment without understanding the body type is strictly abhorred in Ayurveda. It will be worthwhile to read my other article on Body Types as per Ayurveda here.

Manifestation of Panch Bhootas in the Body

There is various manifestation of Panch Mahabhooth in our body. We discussed the Hand Mudras extensively in the previous articles. These Hand Mudras are based on the manifestation of each Mahabhooth in individual fingers.

Notably, the following fingers manifest as each of Panch Mahabhooth:

1. Thumb – Agni or the Fire Element

2. Index Finger – Vayu or the Earth Element

3. Second Finger – Apan or the Space Element

4. Ring Finger – Prithvi or the Earth Element

5. Little Finger – Jal or the Water Element

These five fingers are said to be directly linked to the panch Mahabhoot affecting our body’s constituent. Hand Mudras are often used to balance or activate the dominating or weak elements in our body.

Here is the link to my earlier article on Simple Mudras for Good Health. This will help you to gain perspective on Hand Mudras.

Panch Bhootas and the Doshas

Doshas are imbalances of Nature Elements in our bodies. A predominance or sub-dance of any nature element shows up as Doshas. There are three Doshas- Vata, Pitta, and Kafa arising out of this imbalance.

The identification of Dosha is the basis of all Ayurvedic Treatments. Each patient’s diagnostics and recommended correction corrections depend on their Body Type.

The whole body is a constituent of nature. Maintaining the balance of these Constituents keeps us fit and away from any diseases.

There are over 180 ailments listed in Texts of Ayurveda arising out of Vata, Pitta, or Kafa Doshas. It covers almost the entire gamut of diseases which can occur given that these Texts were written centuries ago.

By now, we all know the importance of maintaining the balance of the Nature elements in our body.

Bhuta Suddhi

The Panch Bhootas constitute our body and any imbalance in these Nature Elements is the cause of any disease. Ayurvedic treatment is based on this premise of body constitution.

No Ayurvedic Treatment must begin without identifying the body type of the patient. Actually, the repercussions of any particular treatment might differ with differing body types.

A forward proponent of balancing the Nature elements is purifying them. The Nature Elements or the Panch Bhootas, work best for health and wellness when cleansed of their toxicity.

But how does one cleanse the Panch Bhootas?

It is said that hard penance is required to cleanse the Panch Bhootas. This means that this is not simple to achieve this goal.

All the eight arms of Yoga have to be invoked to cleanse the Bhootas. This definitely takes a long time to completely cleanse the Bhootas.

Time is generally not the worry to cleanse the Bhootas but achieving that in the first place is. Isha Foundation offers this Bhoota Suddhi at its Centers and also online to users in India.

More information can be found by following this video link on Bhoota Suddhi- The Ultimate Cleansing.

Word on what is the Difference between Panch Bhoot Kriya and Bhuta Sudhhi

The Panch Bhootas are the Five Elements of Nature that are the basic constituent of our body. The purification of these elements in our body is the Bhuta Suddhi. While Panch Bhoot Kriya is a purification package offered by Isha Foundation for the permanent cleansing of natural elements.

The Five Nature Elements are:

– Agni or Fire

– Prithvi or Earth Element

– Vayu or Air Element

– Jal or Water Element

– Apan or Space Element.

The above Nature Elements manifest in our body and the most significant are our fingers. Different fingers signify the different Nature Elements as follows:

– Thumb – Agni or the Fire Element

– Index Finger – Vayu or the Earth Element

– Second Finger – Apan or the Space Element

– Ring Finger – Prithvi or the Earth Element

– Little Finger – Jal or the Water Element

The dis-balance of the Nature Elements causes disease or sickness. This is a basic treatment principle of Ayurveda.

Bhuta Suddhi is the cleansing of these Nature Elements. The Panch Bhoot Kriya is packaged to achieve this in a short duration of time.

Hope that you would have enjoyed this discussion on such an intensive subject of cleansing the elements of your body.

Do leave your comments on your observations on the subject.

Thank You.

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