What is Varun Mudra, and what are its Benefits?

What is Varun Mudra, and what are its Benefits

Mudras are an integral part of Yoga with powerful effect on our body. We have discussed Simple Mudras for Health in previous articles. Here we answer the question on what is Varun Mudra, and what are its Benefits.

The Hand Gestures or Mudras Work on the principle of pressure points in our hands and fingers. Pressing the relevant pressure points activated the energy center’s in our brain. This brings immense benefits to our health and wellness.

Our fingers represent the five elements of Nature. The interaction of these elements gives rise to Doshas in our body. As per Ayurveda, these Doshas are the root cause of diseases and anomalies in our body.

Mudras are means to balance these Doshas but activating the silent element or suppressing the dominant elements. This balances the Doshas, a key to healthy living.

In our earlier articles, we have discussed few Simple Mudras like Gyan Mudra, Prana Mudra, Surya Mudra and Shunya Mudra. We discuss the steps and benefits of Varun Mudra in this article.

How does Varun Mudra Work?

Varun Mudra is the interaction of Water Element and Sun Element in our Body. This interaction balances the function of water Element and thereby extends its benefits on health and wellness.
How Does Varun Mudra Work?

The little finger represents Water Element and the Thumb represents Sun Element. In Varun Mudra, the tip of Little Finger touches the tip of thumb. The interaction between the Water Element and Fire Element is this established.

Water constitutes approximately 70% of our body weight. Any fluctuation from average level is evident on our health. Dry Skin, skin allergies, hair-fall all are caused by lesser water level in our body.

Varun Mudra restores the water element in our body. It makes our skin supple and eliminates dryness from hair. It also eliminated a number of skin allergies caused by loss of water in our body.

The little finger contains pressure points to activate the water Element in our body. Touching the tip of Little Finger with Thumb activates the activation center of water elements in our body. This is the principle on which Varun Mudra is based upon.

Which Mudra is for Beautiful Skin?

Varun Mudra is for a beautiful skin. It restores the water element which is an essential element for a supple skin. It brings the glow back onto the skin.
Which Mudra is for Beautiful Skin?

The Mudra activates the Water Element in our body. Problems of dryness is thus eliminated.

Most of skin problems arise out of dryness. The outer skin become scaly and then itchy. Fulfilling the water requirement eliminates this problem.

Pimples, acne and scars on the skin are treated by Varun Mudra.

Varun Mudra helps to maintain beautiful hair. It moisturizes dry scalp which is the cause of dandruff and prevents hair fall.

Regular practice of Varun Mudra ensures that flexibility is maintained in skin. Age related marks are delayed by practicing this Mudra.

Besides maintaining a beautiful skin and preventing hair fall, it is also good for eye health. It keeps the eyes moist which is essential for eliminating eye problems.

Varun Mudra is also helpful in preventing formation of kidney stones. However, do not substitute Varun Mudra for proper water intake.

What is Jal Mudra?

Jal Mudra is the Mudra of Water. It is same as Varun Mudra which is practiced with the tip of Little Finger touching the tip of thumb.

Varun Mudra is called Jal Mudra for easy understanding of the nomenclature.

When Should we do Varun Mudra?

Varun Mudra can be practiced at any time of the day. Do not practice it after a heavy meal. Otherwise, there is no restriction on the time to practice this Mudra.
When Should we do Varun Mudra?

Hold the Mudra for 5-15 minutes in a number of sessions during the day.

Practice Varun Mudra during summers to keep your water balance. You can practice it when feeling thirsty.

Remember, like all Mudras, Varun Mudra also cannot work on its own. Only performing Varun Mudra without drinking water will not quench your thirst!

Unlike other Mudras which are recommended to be practiced in the morning or evening, practice Varun Mudra at noon. This will help you maintain water element throughout the day.

Who Should not do Varun Mudra?

People with aggravated Kafa Dosha should not practice Varun Mudra.

This is also true for Prithvi Mudra which we discussed in earlier article. Instead, they should practice Surya Mudra to reduce their Kafa Dosha.

People living in colder climate should exercise restraint in practicing this Mudra. However, they can still practice this Mudra in case they still suffer from skin dryness.

People suffering from excess water accumulation in scrotum, lungs or other parts should never attempt this Mudra. Remember, Mudras are no cure of emergency conditions!

What is Varun Mudra, and what are its Benefits?

Varun Mudra is one the simplest Mudra for restoring the Water Element in our body.

It is practiced by touching the tip of Little Finger with the tip of thumb. This triggers the restoration of water Element in our body.

The Little finger represents Water Element and the Thumb represents the Sun Element. Varun Mudra is an interaction of these two elements of Nature.

Varun Mudra works on activation of pressure points in our fingers.

This Mudra helps us maintain a beautiful skin.

The other benefits of Varun Mudra includes,

– Removes skin blemishes.

– Makes the skin tighter and soft.

– Reduced dryness in scalp and therefore reduces hair fall.

– Keeps eyes moistened thereby helping in maintaining good eye health.

– Reduces itchiness and helpful in other skin diseases.

Varun Mudra can be practiced at any time of the day. Unlike other Mudra, it is recommended to be practice it at mid-day.

Practice Varun Mudra when the climate is warm to restore water level in the body.

People suffering from excess Kafa should not practice Varun Mudra. It should also practiced with caution in colder climates.

Jal Mudra is the other name of Varun Mudra with only the difference in nomenclature.

Here is a link to the video giving a Step by Step Process of Varun Mudra. This will be useful for you to understand this Mudra better.

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