What is Your Salary? Are you happy with it?

What is Your Salary? Are you happy with it?

Many of the Millenials struggle with this question. Their faces flinches at the question of what is your salary? Are you happy with it?

It is said that you should never ask a woman her age and a man his salary. Though the gender bias has become irrelevant but the question does run a streak of negativity down the spine.

The curses to your job goes due to this question and the dissatisfaction arising out of it. This becomes a major reason of stress in youth.

The feel their salary as a major constraint which in turn becomes a major constraint in their happiness. An unhappy mind causes many problems in long term. A happy mind is the way forward for your wellness.

The self percieved constraint gives rise to actions which is misdirected. You start overworking expecting a promotion or salary rise without considering other aspects which can make you happy.

It is the societal pressure most of the time which ingrains this constraint. But many times it is self driven as well.

We discuss how to deal with this question and take actions to be happy in life. Thereby, we will look forward to creating a society full of wellness and not a sad constraint one.

Look Around to Find Your Happy Code

Most of the time you are troubled with the question- what is your salary? Are you happy with it? Do just one thing- look around.
Look Around to Find Your Happy Code

What do see?

– A family member or more?

– A friend?

– A beautiful view from the window.

– A structure which still stands strong?

– A sports gear which you so eagerly bought?

– A music gear for which you waited so long and it is now with you?

– A great speech which you listened over online?

– An exercise which you do everyday?

– A food item which you relish?

If you can see any of this or anything interesting as such, you have not lost your mind. You can still mend your ways to be happy!

The problem is that when you look around you attach importance to things you don’t have. This while you completely ignore the beautiful possession you already have.

Main problem of salary levels causing stress is competition. You look at someone else’s earnings and begin comparing yourself to him. This creates a mental constraint which becomes difficult to deal with as time progresses.

Learning to observe beautiful things in your life can happen with continuous effort.

This article can serve as a motivation but you will succeed only when you develop this as habit.

My earlier article on Creating Positive Attitude for Wellness would help you further in this endeavor.

Observe What Happens in Distress

It is said that adversity is a great educator and there is no other Teacher like it. Your true nature is revealed when you face adversity.
Observe What Happens in Distress

I bring here an often discussed topic about hiring the next CEO for the Big Four- Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. It is well understood about candidates for this top post that all necessary operational acumen would already be with them. They can anyway lead a good Company.

However, the key differentiation would be as to their behavior in adversity. Only a great character can sail-through a Company in timed of adversity.

Take this cue and observe how you behave in times of adversity. Do you break down emotionally, or do you step back?

Or are you able to use your imagination to overcome this adversity?

In case you do, why do you even worry about getting a low salary? Specially, when you know that low or high is only relative. Cone out of that mind-set and focus your energy on improving yourself!

Money? Yes but How Much Money in Enough?

Money is a basic necessity in this highly commercialized world. For sure, we do not live in forests anymore and need money to fulfill the basic day-to-day necessities.
Money? Yes but How Much Money in Enough?

The problem arises when we are not able to differentiate desires from needs. Needs are mandatory to be fulfilled while desires are to satisfy when you have surplus.

Life ceases when you are not able to fulfill the basic needs. You require resources to fulfill this needs.

Drilling down our thoughts further, even the needs are time bound. It varies from person to person and a good indicator in what other people in the same social strata perceive as needs.

Desires are a step above the needs. It entirely depends on your own perception of what is going to add value for you in life. One person’s desire may be very different from the other.

Desired have no limit either. It is your emotional intelligence to evaluate your desires. The maximum pain comes from unreasonable desires.

It doesn’t mean one shouldn’t dream. Dream brings excellent outcomes but create a pathway to reach your dreams.

What are your Wealth Factors besides money?

Wealth Factors

1. Family time

2. Able to play your favorite sports?

3. Traveling to see different places?

4. Proximity of a Guru?

5. Proximity of your friends?

6.Living in your home town?

Similar in the list above, there can be several things which brings you joy in life.

These are your true Wealth Factors!

Do you Want Money or Wealth?

You definitely need money but as a part of your Wealth Factor.

If money is being made with good family time, would you choose to relocate for a higher salary?

Drawing out your Wealth Factors helps you to prioritize desires. You would then be able to judge whether your current salary is sufficient or not.

If it is not, do take steps to enhance your earnings. Start investing for gains or start a side hustles which pays.

Your Wealth Index

Take out a piece of paper and pen. List out your Wealth Factors. Prioritize them in the order of how you perceive their importance.

Don’t worry about the priorities. It might change over time. However, begin with what you perceive at the moment.

Give a priority rating to each Wealth factor so that the sum total is 100.

Print it and keep it in your vision all the time.

Evaluate your Wealth Index after six months’ time. Upgrade the rating on a scale of 1-10 or downgrade it on the same scale.

How does it measure?

The Wealth Index is a tool to create positivity in you. You will feel good about your Net Wealth Index on the uptrend.

If not, you need to take action as per your priority!

What would now be your answer?

What is your salary? Are you happy with it?

Reading this article this far, you must have realized that money is not the only thing. Your Happy Index is closely related to your Wealth Index.

Look Around to Find Your true Wealth Factors.

Money is important but as a part of your overall Wealth Index.

Evaluating your Wealth Index creates positivity. This positivity is very important to lead a happy life.

I hope this article comes handy to answer the critical question on salary.

Here is a bonus for the readers- a video where the famed Sadhguru talks about perceived earnings.

Be positive in life and lead a life of wellness.

Thank You.

10 Replies to “What is Your Salary? Are you happy with it?”

  1. When applying for a job, people generally want to know first how much they will be paid for the services they offer. If they do not think they are well compensated, they decline and look for a higher-paying job. 

    But for me, it’s not all about the salary because even if the salary is great if the working environment is toxic and the job is stressful, I won’t take it. My happiness in the job I do is not entirely dependent on the salary I will be receiving. There have been instances in my career when I chose a job offer that’s just so-so or okay over one that promised a higher rate and other benefits. 

    I can honestly say that I never experienced lack even though I am not making as much as others do. This is because I know how to budget and know my priorities. As you correctly pointed out, we must know how to differentiate wants from needs. I know some people who are getting a pay raise semi-annually. Yet, they still seem to be in lack. 

    And to answer your question; yes, I am happy with my salary! ☺

    1. Thanks for your detailed reply Alice. The article was written with what you have rightly pointed out- there is value beyond mere salary which must be considered for your overall satisfaction.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the topic!

  2. I would like some more money because, in times of crisis like here in Europe and high energy bills, it is hard to survive on my salary of about 2000 euros here, it just doesn’t cut costs anymore, especially when having 2 children. But I don’t want to spend this much time, that I don’t get to watch my own kids anymore either, so I would like something to work from home, I think that would be a very good extra income, while being at home for my family ! thank you for the insights

    1. Thanks for sharing your perspective Lizzy, There are a number of vocations which you can take to work from home. They do not replace effort but do give flexibility to work anytime. A simple Google search will reveal such vocations as freelancing, affiliate marketing, drop-shipping etc. You will need to learn the tricks of trade and may not be successful in the first go. But imagine your freedom in case you do it right and are successful eventually!

      All the Best to you.



  3. Someone once told me that comparison is the thief of joy, and it’s true for me. I used to compare what others have, especially married couples compared to me (I am happily single), and it would make me feel angry at the time because they can have so much more with double incomes than I can bring in myself. But when I sit back and reflext on whether I would trade their life with their fancy cars and expensive trips, I say no because I value my time alone, my time to do what I want, when I want without having to compromise my desires for another. 

    This is a great topic to get people thinking about the “wealth” in their lives compared to their paycheck. Yes, money is certainly important – but as long as my needs are met I am happy knowing I also have the freedom to be and do what I want without having to ok it with someone else.

  4. Interesting read! It is so hard to survive without money – so many people associate happiness by the size of their wallet and their abilities to provide! Like your article, I agree Having a lot of money and wealth are completely different. I also enjoyed your thinking about “happy code”. Again, we are in a “commercialized world” and we rely on money to survive. Sadly, this will never change. However I believe that if we are happy and we believe, then we can be happy with our “salary”. Sometimes, they go hand in hand. And as long as you value what you have more than worry about what you don’t have, I think you are on the right path!

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